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I have a good friend who is a priest in Italy.  Although he is not a traditional priest, there is much to learn from him and the Italian way of life.  In his parish, in Lodi Italy, next to the church is a garden that contains an Italian Bar which serves cafe lattes, expresso and other drinks.  Also in they have a Bocci Ball court and tables and chairs where people can sit and visit.iu

Every Sunday afternoon, the parishioners gather to play Bocci Ball, visit and to drink expresso.  There is a great sense of love and community that goes beyond the Holy Mass.

I have always strongly believed in importance of Sacred Liturgies and no visiting in church.   But I also strongly believe in having a loving community.  Many of the saints said that it is not sufficient to not sin to get to heaven, but that we need to honestly love each other.mass-purgatory-496504066_88d304cb82

A week ago we had a baby shower at the parish with food and sports.  But it began to rain so hard we had to rush inside.  It stormed for over an hour.  Some of the braver young men continued to play soccer the whole time in the rain.  When they went home, they told their parents that that was the greatest time they had in the whole summer, getting wet and muddy.  (We are getting a lot of rain here in Phoenix and I credit it to the Latin Mass and the modesty of the women who go to the Latin Mass.)IMG_4891Yesterday Evenings Soccer Game at St. Catherine’s

Just talked with a farmers wife in Escalon California and she said that a lot of the wells keep going dry in the San Joaquin Valley.  It was the farmers and farm workers who kicked me out of my parish because they did not like modesty in church and secondarily, the Latin Mass.  When I was at St. Patrick’s, every time I led the parish in prayer for rain, it always rained.  Just one week I remember when our prayers were not answered.  People noticed it too.

Back to the topic.  At that baby shower, a man, who is trying to become traditional, said that he did not see a lot of happiness in us traditional Catholics.  Joy and love seemed to be lacking.  The children are happy, but the parents just do not seem content.

IMG_4884Yesterday’s Basketball

Then a young husband, who has been involved for many years here at St. Catherine’s, came to talk to me too.  He brought up the exact same topic.  We talked about how we are trying so hard to stay away from sin, keep our children innocent and to pray in a way that pleases God, yet at the same time, this makes us more serious, more judgmental and closed in on ourselves.  He wanted to propose that we try make a greater effort to love each other.

So I really want to encourage all of us traditional Catholics to organize events, sports and potlucks where we can genuinely get to know each other and to love and care for each other. We want to keep the quiet, the reverence in Church at the Latin Mass.  But after, we want to reach out to each other and show genuine love and concern for each other.  We all need more love, God’s love, family love and holy human love.IMG_4886Yesterdays Volley Ball and Food In the Distance.

‘Therefore, whilst we have time, let us work good to all men, but especially to those who are of the household of the faith.‘  Galatians 6:10.  This says to me that we need to start by being kind to other Catholics.

As many of you know, every Sunday at 6:00 pm, fathers and sons get together with me to play soccer and basket ball.  Now the Templarios are playing volley ball and eating together at the same time.  It will take some work to put in picnic tables and permanent volley ball poles, but it is all worthwhile.  Love, Charity, cost.  I think that God was so happy seeing us all play and have a good time together.

We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics who try to be Holy, Reverent and Loving.  Tomorrow we have a Missa Cantata for Our Lady’s Birthday, Sept. 8 at 5:30.  But we also have a party for her afterwards in the hall to celebrate and help us love all of Mary’s children here at St. Catherine’s Parish.  All are invited.

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  1. I love this piece. It’s all true, we must be a community for each other. At my traditional parish, we don’t have space to do some necessary things like sports (I’d love to see square dancing!) but we do have regular potlucks. We just had one to celebrate Bishop Tissier’s ordination and birthday combined. I helped in the kitchen, came early before mass. There is one lady who coordinates everything in the kitchen. She has ten kids now (if I’ve kept track), so you might think she’d be too busy to do anything else. But as I worked, I noticed how she spoke to each person who came in, bringing their dishes to be heated in the huge old gas range during mass, so they’d be ready after mass. She had a kind word for everyone, a way to relieve their tension about the care of their culinary creations (of course we’re anxious about it!), a question about a child, a compliment on a dress, a hug, a smile. It was wonderful how she did it. I’m not so good at that, but I’m going to try to do better. I tell you, though, it’s just about a miracle, the kind of people our Faith can encourage. She goes to mass often, always with the latest baby in tow. She prays. It’s very hard work for you to keep us going, Father, but look at the good that results.

  2. Father,
    I have to congratulate you for your honest self-criticism. Frankly, the attitudes that the men noticed come through loud and clear in your blog. I’ve pointed it out in the past. Enough said on that subject. I attended Mass at St. Patrick’s several times because I worked in Escalon, although I lived in Morgan Hill. i attended with a young family who liked you a lot. I’m not sure about your perceptions of the farmers in the Valley. I think that you and your fellow travelers ought to watch the video of archbishop Sample’s homily. There is a lot to appreciate in that homily. All the best to you.

  3. Actually I never observe that traditional Catholics are less friendly than other Catholics(for a starter we should have only one kind of Catholics like before Vatican II), in fact one traditional community I was involved with always have a potluck after the Mass (at 7 pm because all the spots are taken) and people would stay to talk and socialize till 10 pm and they meet twice a week at evenings to learn Catechism again stay around to talk and get to know each other despite they still do not have their own parish but have Mass at different locations. But it is a challenge when there is no parish that is exclusive for traditional Catholics and their Mass is at odd hour on top of most people travel more than one hour to get to the Mass.

  4. Father love your post about the rain -Reminds me of an old Indian story about the guy praying for rain and told to get a bucket as the river was only a mile away-I live in Scotland and fortunately or unfortunately we have no problem with rain as it practically rains about 8 months of the year. In fact if Noah lived here he would have died a young man through overwork. But back to the USA problem of water their is an Ocean absolutely full of the stuff just off California yet they moan about water God has given man the knowledge of how to extract fresh water from salt we know it doesn’t come cheap but all that’s required is money and effort . Consider the $Trillions which have been wasted on a space race and the only thing positive on Earth to come from it -was a non stick frying pan -what a waste of money and effort.

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