County Clerk Jailed For Not Issuing ‘Marriage’ License To Homosexual Couple

A good friend of mine came crying to me over that a mere woman, alone, is standing up for true marriage between a man and a woman and that it appears to her that our Catholic Church is doing nothing.  She means the pope, ‘who am I to judge’; and all the other bishops and priests.  04kentucky_web2-master315Kim Davis’ Mug Shot In Jail

On September 3rd, Kim Davis, a Apostolic Christian Kentucky County Clerk, was jailed on charges of ‘contempt of court’ for refusing to process homosexual ‘marriage’ licenses.  She was offered a deal, that would have released her, if she would just let the other deputies process these ‘marriage’ licenses.  She refused because of her religious objections.

Judge Bunning said; “The court cannot condone the willful disobedience of its lawfully issued order.” “If you give people the opportunity to choose which orders they follow, that’s what potentially causes problems.”

Her lawyer Mr. Gannam said; “Today, for the first time in history, an American citizen has been incarcerated for having the belief of conscience that marriage is the union of one man and one woman,”   “And she’s been ordered to stay there until she’s willing to change her mind, until she’s willing to change her conscience about what belief is.”  New York Times04KENTUCKYWEB-master675

The two men sued her and wanted her fined rather than jailed.  The homosexuals use fines to put people out of business, cause huge financial crisis and to intimidate people who have Bible believing morals that marriage is between a man and a woman, period.
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Some of the homosexuals do not want this to escalate into a Christian figure with many other Christians will sympathize with.

We traditional Catholics are so blessed to be with God and His laws, not man’s.  Let us pray for Kim and that she will become a traditional Catholic.

3 Replies to “County Clerk Jailed For Not Issuing ‘Marriage’ License To Homosexual Couple”

  1. Oh the abuse she’s taking in the media! They are poking cruel fun at her weight, every flaw, her four marriages. They are behaving in complete opposition to the draconian bullying laws they themselves have passed. And there she is, in all her human frailty, standing up for the commandments. I have thought, well, really, across the nation, what can we do but give up these jobs? Because the law is the law.

    But that’s wrong. The law is not the law. When the law is against the law of God, you don’t quit, you have to defy. That’s harder to say than “I quit.” It also infuriates Satan and all his little minions on the internet. They are frothing rabidly at her at this moment.

    We sure have to pray for her. And imitate her, right?

    Father, this is why you are anxious. Because you’re right!

  2. My hat off to this courageous lady who is expressing her constitutional right to defend that which she believes in. This faggot-loving,unconstitutional law which,with the blessing of Obama`s atheists in Washington,will bring about another Sodom-
    Gomorrha,for which he and his supreme court justices will some day be punished by GOD`S justice; these are the same crimi-
    nals who blatently support the murder of defenseless unborn children in their mothers`wombs. Woe be to them as the wrath
    of heaven shall come upon themLet us pray that Almighty GOD will stand by those of us who still believe in Him – that through our prayers and sacrifices His just
    anger be appeased; let us pray the following prayer: Oh dear GOD,we are so sorry for having offended thee,and we detest all of
    our sins,because we dread the loss of heaven and the pains of hell – but most of all – because we have offended Thee dear Fatther –
    Who art all good,and deserving of all our love. We firmly resolve to confess our sins,to do penance – and amend our lives.Amen
    Blessed be GOD thru the sacred blood of His son and our Savior Jesus Christ, who lives and reigns with Him and the Holy Spirit
    forever and ever!!!!!

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