Traditional Catholicism Helps Real People

Thank you for your prayers.  I still need a lot more.  I have a lot of feelings of anxiety and fatigue from all the struggle and not sleeping well.  Nevertheless, I go on doing my traditional Catholic work, (barely by the grace of God), which is very very fruitful.  Please continue to keep me in your prayers that I can make it each moment at a time till I get through this.  I am so blessed to have so many wonderful friends who really pray and have faith.  I am keeping them all informed so that I can get God’s help.IMG_8923

I offered the Holy Latin Mass for our school this morning and went over to visit the children.  Children can be a healing balm because of their unconditional love and joy.  Last year I had sort of given up on the school because there was so much immodesty there.  This year the principle has asked the girls to wear skirts below the knees.  I thanked him profusely for this and some of the teachers are doing a little better too, thanks be to God.

We have two new teachers who are so kind and nice.  One of them came out of retirement just to help out in our inner city school.  I told her how much I appreciated her kindness and respect for a priest.  I also told Fr. Saenz, our pastor, how kind they are.

On the way back to my car at church, I ran into a women who I have been trying to get her to dress modest.  She was dressed very modestly and talking to another woman precisely about modesty when I came over to say hello.  They also told me that they finally get it and are trying to other women be modest too.  We need to be charitable and patient.IMG_4879

Stilling feeling rotten, I went to the hospital to see Gabriel, (who had his face terribly smashed in).  His granddaughter asked me to go.   As I was driving to the hospital, I passed by a shop and so the owner outside talking to another man.  I turn around and stopped by.  I met this man 4 weeks ago at Lowe’s.  He went to confession there and has completely changed his life.

IMG_4881Jose’s shop

He had just been telling the other man how I had helped him, because this friend has a serious drinking problem.
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 He is divorced and fights with his x, (they were never married in church so we can say his x, otherwise it is till death do us part).  We had a long talk and I told him he needs to find God and let God help him.  I told him I am more than happy to help him when ever he needs help.  I also told these men my struggles I am going through and how bad I am feeling and that we need to pray, love and support each other.  I blessed his shop today too.IMG_4882

These things really encourage me to go on because I know it was God who put me with Jose when he confessed at Lowe’s and has a new life.  He has always been a good Catholic only that he struggles with problems at times.  He really loves God and the Church a lot.  He is now going to the Latin mass on Sunday.
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 I know it was not an accident that I returned to talk with Leo.  IMG_4880Backs of pictures of sexy women he pointed out and I ripped down for him to destroy.

It is out of our pain that we can have more compassion for others when they are going through hard times.  I also think it is important to share our own struggles with those who are struggling so that they do not feel alone or lost.  It takes humility, but whatever we can do to help people not suffer and free from sin, is what is important.

IMG_4883Pray for Gabriel and His mother Lupe

When I arrived at the hospital, the mother of Gabriel, Lupe was there.  Lupe is one of those elderly Mexican women who is so close to God and full of goodness.  I met Gabriel over a year ago when he was in the hospital and being harassed by a demon.  I went into his room and called his name.  To the surprise of the nurse, he came out of a semi-coma and from that day improved.  But he had promised to go to confession, but never did.  Now I will force him to confess.

A week ago Sunday he went to a store and someone almost killed him.  They think it was road rage that caused who ever it was who plummeted his face.  He is very slowly improving.  I told his mom I would put him on my blog so that people can pray for him.

We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and to be able to love and encourage sinners.

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  1. Father, keeping you in my Evening Prayers with the Church. Virgo Potens ora pro nobis. I’ll ask my Carmelite community to lift you up in prayer.

  2. Dear Father,
    Thank you for your work. I am praying for your struggle.
    Just today I was upset by the dress of catholic school teachers. I homeschool my children and bring them to daily mass at a new parish now. There is a school at the parish and the teachers bring the students in on to mass first Friday’s. This was my first time seeing the teachers. 100% of the teachers had skirts cut above the knee, except for one lady wearing pants. There was also some cleavage. I was so surprised. I want to say something to the principal.
    Satan is fighting you because of your zeal for souls.

  3. We are adding your intentions to our prayers. I think we are being asked to suffer as a result of the recent changes in our laws and the other things we find on the magazines in the stores. I worry a lot about my boys. I am also very dismayed at many of the skirts some of the girls are wearing; I have to make all my daughter’s clothes because we cannot find appropriate clothing even at the second hand store; and for those who can’t sew, appropriate clothing that they can get custom made is very expensive…..I wanted to purchase a lovely modest skirt for my daughter, but it cost over $40. My sewing machine is working overtime. I don’t know if you are aware of this, but the manufacturers have changed the way they make girls’ blouses and shirts; we went to purchase some and had to get boys’ polo shirts for my daughter because they made the girls’ far too form-fitting (they were fine a couple of years ago). Even the Peter Pan collar blouses (school uniform style) are form-fitting. Not only does this enable rampant immodesty, but it encourages girls to start feeling self conscious in such a way that it becomes a doorway to anorexia because they are always feeling like they are too fat.

    Mid-calf skirts are hard to come by, and even when they are found, they are usually far too tight. If anybody knows how to sew, you can find many nice vintage patterns on Etsy (a website for selling handmade and vintage items) where you can make sure your skirts are appropriately full and you can add on as many inches to the length as necessary. Sewing isn’t difficult; most patterns are easy to follow. And it’s lots of fun! 🙂

    Be assured that our love and prayers go with you throughout your day, Father, and please pray for us as well. We hope to be at weekday Mass presently.

  4. Dear Father, these are incredibly difficult times for traditional Catholics. We are being driven out of society. The climate is inhospitable to us; it is a hostile environment. The inevitable results of the protestant rebellion have matured, ripened into their sick fruit. We see it all around us, it strangles us, we see its real face, a hideous, bloated depraved mask, and it makes us afraid. Of course it does. I think it might have made Jesus afraid, confronting it. You can’t help your anxiety. All you can do is pick up that cross every morning. My pastor says, Look over. You’ll see Christ right beside you. I think that is all we can do. And may I say, Father, perhaps you are more sensitive than others. Your blog, the details you pick up about others, make me think had you had a classical training would have led you to a rare profession, of poet. Your perception must be called unique. It is the most suffering profession, poet. Please see it as the blessing it is, your own channel of grace. Maybe that’s the priesthood part, matter of fact! I never thought of priests as poets before. My pastor says, the ordinary day to day challenges are our cross, and our cross is our way to heaven. You must keep on being brave, and simply looking and listening and understanding. Look how the sheep respond! Look how it helps them!

  5. I endure anxiety and fatique myself. This cause my only granddaughter is in the common core and etc/her soul is in DANGER What helps is slow prayer sentences to JESUS and MARY often, lots of interesting SALADS, water, writing letters on paper, making every single action a prayer, knowing each morning is another mountain to climb. DO NOT take anti anxiety pills, too many are doing this nowadays! Maybe someone can do some of your computer typing for you as you dictate it/ for computers can contribute to this suffering. I will remember you as I struggle to climb a new mountain each day. And ask Blessed Mother to keep you calm. Labor day is feast of OUR LADY OF COVADONGA. SHE helped with the impossible.

  6. Dear Father,
    Thank you for asking me for prayers. You have done so much for me (and my family), and it felt SO GOOD to be able to do something for you.

    God is with you.

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