Traditional Catholic Priest And Men Have Temptations Of The Flesh

For the last month, I have been going through some very severe temptations of the flesh.  Please pray for me.  This is effecting me in every part of my life.  This is very embarrassing to write about.  But for this reason, I am writing about the extreme temptations of the flesh that we men have to go through and of which women, (although they have their own temptations too), can never really understand.

Only men can truly understand the extreme difficulty for a men to be chaste.  



God made us men physically and psychologically different from women.  The greatest disadvantage we men have, (and  it is God given), is that our private parts are outside of of our bodies and for this reason can so easily lead self abuse.  Women do not have this problem, (as I already stated, they have their own temptations).  That is why we men need to be extra vigilant when it comes to this built in terrible propensity to self-pleasuring ourselves.

The second thing is that we are psychologically designed, (again by God), to be aroused by sight.  This also is a great danger for us because all day long we are inundated with visual things, or immodestly dressed women, that can cause sexual attraction and arousal.  This is where we need to be very vigilant.

As soon as a we notice that a sight is causing sexual attraction, that is a signal for our eyes and mind to turn away immediately.  This is called ‘custody of the eyes‘.   It is helpful to replace the sexually loaded vision or thought with a holy thought and image like the beauty of the Virgin Mary.

Immaculate Heart of Mary

Many women, who dress immodestly, blame men for having dirty minds for having noticed their body parts they have put on display.  Over and over I hear men telling me that they are having bad thoughts while in church from the sexy way the women dress while attending Mass.  I have never heard a women say that she has bad thoughts during Mass because of how the men dress at Mass.

As a priest, just imagine what it is like to give Holy Communion, the Body of Christ, right above a woman showing off her chest.  It is especially obvious when they kneel down to receive Holy Communion.  It is simply charity to us men for women to dress modestly.

I think that most of us men are embarrassed to admit our sexual temptations.  Once, when I ran St. Francis Catholic Kitchen in Santa Cruz, California, a protestant minister friend told me that men are slightly sexually aroused over a hundred time a day from visual things.

priest image vii

Yes, we priest and men need to be very very chaste and pure.  We need to do everything possible to never sin.  That is why viewing pornography is so horrible.  It excites what is already built into us and turns it into a monster.  And, when all said and done, we are responsible for any sin of the flesh, in spite of the X rated society we live in.

The devil’s first attack on us men is through our sexual weakness!

We need to always keep this in the forefront of our minds.  We need to ask Jesus, Mary and the Angels to help us be pure.  We need to go to confession regularly, especially if someone is fighting the vices of masturbation, adultery, fornication, pornography or using prostitutes.  Confession is a medicine waiting to be administered to the sick soul.  But recovery is a torture and take a lot of time and struggle.

I know that women have different struggles and temptations.  They to have to contend with concupiscence as well,  but it is in a different way from us men.  They need to understand our weakness and help us to be holy and pure.  We need to understand their weakness and help them be holy and pure.  Many women say they are weak when it comes to sexual advances for men.

Many years ago my friends would sing this German song at parties.  The words are in English but the accent is German.  This is the English West country version that is suppose to teach you the names of the the body in English.  As you sing the song, you point to the various parts of the body.

With my hands on my head, what have I here
This is my brain boxer my teacher dear
Brain boxer, nicky , nicky, nacky, noo
That’s what they taught me when I went to school

With my hands on my head, What have I here
These are my eye blinkers my teacher dear
Eye blinkers, brain boxer, nicky , nicky, nacky, noo
That’s what they taught me when I went to school

continues in the same vein with
nose wiper (obvious!)
tea strainer (mouth)
chin wagger (um..chin!)
bread basket (tummy)
back acher (back)
TROUBLE MAKER (one guess!)
wind breaker (bottom)
knee knockers (knees)
globe trotters (feet)

Although the gift of our sexuality is from God and is from which wonderful children come, nevertheless it is over and over a TROUBLE MAKER.

We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and to know that sex is sacred and to be carefully housed in the Holy Sanctuary of Matrimony to produce other souls for God’s kingdom.

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  1. I’ll keep you in my prayers. I am a married man and I went through a horrible time recently with this, it lasted about a week. What’s interesting is that for a long period of time God gave me the grace to not be to preoccupied, for lack of a better term, with it. Then out of nowhere I was bombared continually with impure thoughts, especially distressing when in mental prayer or when saying the Rosary. More and more I am understanding what the Saints speak of when they say, I had to do violence to myself, the struggle is real. Hang in there Father I will keep you in my prayers, especially in front of our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. The enemy likes to tempt us. For me, this is why it is so important to stay away from things that entice the imagination, the enemy uses our imagination against us. May our dear Blessed Mother protect you and keep your heart and mind pure.

  2. Women also struggle with these same sexual temptations and as a woman who has had to “deal” with the same issues you men have, I have found very little support in the Traditional communities. We are all human. Many women do not discuss this with men or their priests because of shame but I assure you this is not just an issue that pertains to men alone. Who are the patron saints of sexual temptations……. All women!!!

    You are not alone. My thoughts and prayers for your honesty. Men and women may differ in bodies but the devil tempts us all. God bless and keep you. Our Lady and your guardian angel will help you fight this.

  3. Ave Maria!

    Hello Father,

    Passion of the flesh is definitely a unique urge in that only one option ……….. run (figuratively). Contemplating the temptation only makes it worse.
    One suggestion I that works for

    1. I hit send button on I-phone

      …….one suggestion that worked wonders for me is fox hole praying ……. When images are forced into my head by the devil (from past computer surfing) I pray “Saint Michael please remove the temptation”. I repeat and repeat.

      I have accepted that I cannot control the images that pop in my head, but I can let go and say fox hole prayers. The reason simple prayers are the only weapon I use is when in battle Saint Michael does not need me to read him a long prayer ……… He is ready to crush the demon.

      I have to say one great reward of the temptation of the flesh is small miracles that occur everyday in my life …….. An intense temptation of the flesh enters me and seems to take control ……… I say my simple fox hole prayer …….. Over and over …….. accept Saint Michaels help ……. Accept that I am powerless…… Within seconds, minutes, hours …. Saint Michaels wins everytime…… And i thank God for another miracle.

      Keep up the fight brother! Your blog is a gem of Catholic Truth!

      God Bless,

  4. I have had to conquer this in my own life and it took me years. Now, with God’s grace I am free of this 4 years now. I also wear long skirts or dresses and keep my modesty preserved. Since I have been blessed with deliverance from this, I have made it a point to remain vigilant about my purity and say the names of Jesus and Mary or pray a Hail Mary or hold my miraculous medal that I wear around my neck and pray , “Oh Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse unto thee any time I am tempted by any sin. God made me to overcome this sin, but I still struggle with others. You have helped us greatly with your blog by helping us see the truth and the origin of our faith and dispelling the errors and confusion we have lived with for years.

  5. From the bottom of my heart, thank
    you to all the Catholic men out there trying to defeat this temptation.
    I am a woman and I know I can’t really understand…but I hope we women can help. several years ago I started wearing only skirts that fell below the knee and never looked back. i think women can also help by cultivating homes that are free of sinful influences like television, pop music. And we can praise and admire men who lead holy lives and fight temptation.
    I read an article once how Christianity was spread by the power of the celibate male…

  6. Thank your for your very candid blog post. It’s been a hell of a week for me too. I have to double up my efforts in saying the rosary. I often think, if I fall now, the end being so close, I cannot take the chance because my excuse is that I am weak and I just couldn’t take it. I must still fight and fight with my purposed end in sight.

  7. Father Carota,

    You are extraordinarily courageous. No embarrassment necessary or warranted.

    Please say the devotion of the Seven Dolors of Our Lady. This will absolutely not fail you. It was used by someone I know with the same problem. The result was nothing short of a miracle.

    I will keep you in my prayers. You have been so kind in answering questions I’ve had in the past. We need you! And that is precisely why the devil is attacking you. That and his personal rage at you for your fidelity to God and the Traditional Latin Mass.

    God bless you,

  8. Reverend Father,
    As soon as I read this post, I stopped and said a Prayer to St. Michael and a Memorare for your intention. I will continue to pray for you. One of the worst things about this problem is we men try to fight it on our own. What soldier would try to fight an enemy horde alone, by himself? We men need to rally our brothers-in-arms for strength and support. May God bless you for your courageous call for spiritual reinforcements.

  9. Thank you for being so blunt, Father. I am fortunate to have found my way to chastity after a divorce. I sometimes still wonder what it would be like to have a boyfriend. But then I go pray the rosary.

    I have a friendship with a priest, but I don’t go to confession to him anymore because I intuitively sensed something. I love him and don’t want to make anything hard for him, so I go confess to the other priest on another day.

    May God bless you, and please believe that your priesthood is worth everything. No woman can give you what your priesthood gives you. Even if it means the occasional cold shower. Love and kindness to you, Father.

  10. I am just wondering if it is appropriate for a priest administering communion to just walk past any woman in a low-cut dress…warn them first and then act…

  11. Dear Father Carota:
    Thank you for your humble honest posting on this struggle. I am a 62 year old gray haired woman and for some reason I have been having terrible attacks of impure images flashing in front of me at the most spiritual times – the Consecration, at the very moment I am receiving Holy Communion or even when talking with a priest. These come out of nowhere so unexpected and so disrupting. I too was reluctant to talk with a priest about this because it is so bizarre and I don’t consider these occurances sinful on my part as I don’t entertain them. I have had great success when I enter the church for Mass – to ask St. Maria Goretti, St. Philomena, St. Agnes, and St. Agatha, St. Dominic Savio and my own patron saints – as well as my Guardian Angel and St. Michael to help me during Mass so I am not bombarded with these images. These saintly friends have never failed me.
    On another note: our Pastor never fails to talk to the youth about the purity of St. Maria Goretti. He will include her story even in Funeral Sermons if there are a lot of youth present. He even went on to say that he wears her relic on himself at all times. I pray daily for the preservation of baptismal innocence in the youth – especially in our parish, as well as for those that are struggling with pornography addiction or impurity. It is so rampant in our world but it can be overcome with vigilance, prayer, fasting and contrition. Thank you for all you do for the sanctification of souls. I will have some Masses said for you Father.

  12. Prayers Father, that you persevere over these temptations. Satan attacks those he fears the most and he knows you are doing holy work in
    spreading traditional Catholicism.

    In Christ,


  13. Your Reverence,
    admitting it is an important step; satan does not want to be exposed and by admitting temptations, we expose him.

    I am praying to Saint Michael for you now….

    I have learned that God permits us to have such weaknesses to humble us.

    A few defenses,
    — Do not sleep in/never use a snooze alarm (allowing the “morning demons” attack)
    — Offer up each temptation to save another man from his sin, such as my godson and his father who are both shackled to a porn addiction. It is making them crazy. Your suffering will free many if you give it to Our LORD and Our Lady.

    Thank you for this post.

  14. Prayers for you, Father. I tend to think of priests as superhuman, & above normal human temptations. Thank you for the reminder to pray for priests, as surely the devil tempts the good ones more than the average human. Thank you for talking about modesty. It is frustrating that more priests do not do this, even “Traditional” ones.

  15. Personally, in my opinion,I think the average soul deals with this struggle to some degree. (Obviously some cases are more intense, difficult, etc..) In order to sucessfully conquer this struggle,our everyday lives have to change drastically.(at least for me,I tend to generalize and I am aware everyone is different)No more TV, no more lewd vulgar angry lustful music/movies,daily prayer schedule, and most importantly a desire to conquer and control this vice.Do not give up, some days are better than others.Pray hard on the days you feel most apathetic and lethargic.Gregorian Chant, candles, spending a few minutes with our blessed Lord in spiritual silence.Please pray for all souls struggling with vice, temptation,addiction, and loneliness.
    Kyrie elesion
    Christie elesion

  16. Dear Father,

    I just went to Confession concerning “Sins of the Flesh!” I have struggled with this all my life and it is a horrible demon indeed. The one thing that has truly helped me fight this battle is our Blessed Mother, Mary.
    I’ve also noticed when I don’t pray the Rosary, or when I stray from Mother’s presence, the demons torment me until I cave-in; to the wicked temptation of “self-impurity!”
    May our Mother Mary pray for us now, and at the hour of our deaths!

  17. Well, Thank you!!! This is the first time I have seen anyone say that men need to take custody of their eyes and not just suggest that women need to dress in a certain way and cover their hair so that men won’t be tempted.
    No, woman needs to be wearing clothes that expose her chest or are skin tight, IMHO, but by the same token I do not believe that women are responsible for men’s attitudes, or thoughts. I dress in pants that are professional and shirts that are neither clingy nor low cut ( nothing below my neck), but I do wear shorter sleeves than some like- just above my elbows- and I STILL get told that I need to cover up. Sorry, I am not wearing a dress for anyone and if the fact that I have legs and arms is an issue, then we need to look at what Father mentioned and men need to take custody of their eyes and minds.

    1. No one woman should dress in anything revealing or sexy during the holy sacrifice of the mass.Our priest won’t allow men or women dressed worldly into our church.Thank the Lord,we are grateful for this dress code!

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