Traditional Catholic And Ethiopian Coptic Priest

A couple of years ago I met an Ethiopian Coptic Priest.  Today he stopped by to ask me if we could let him use one of our rooms to have his liturgy in. I told him that I had no say, but I would have to ask Fr. Saenz and he would have to ask the bishop.11525066_1_l

But we ended up having a very good talk.  He wants to be come Catholic eventually and it is because he feels that there is too much division in the Orthodox church.  But he totally believes in obeying authority.  He said it is so sad that the protestant people have the power of what will be said and who will be their leader.

I showed him our church and he wanted to take off his shoes before he entered into the sanctuary.  He told me that they come out of the Old Testament and that they practice what Moses did on Holy Ground.  He offers the liturgy barefoot.

I took him up to an Episcopalian church to see if they were interested.  Sad to say, inside their office, they had everything Catholic that Mexicans believe in, the baby Jesus, Our Lady of Guadalupe, rosaries and many other things.  A Mexican would not be able to tell that it is not a Catholic church.  There was no place that they could lend him.

He told me that he is assigned to this work for 3 more years and then he will become Catholic.  He was very kind and it was a joy to visit with him.  He is married and has 3 daughters.

We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and to be united under the See of St. Peter.  Even though we do not agree with the pope on many things, we still stay united with him.


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