Traditional Catholic Altar Boy Retreat

Here at St. Catherine’s, we had a retreat for the Latin Mass altar boys.  We started with the Missa Cantata for the Immaculate Heart of Mary at 8 am and ended at 2:00 pm.  IMG_4865A seminarian from the Fraternity of St. Peter’s, who was an altar boy long time ago here at St. Catherine’s and is now in his 4th year at their seminary in Nebraska helped give the retreat.

IMG_4866Praying the Holy Rosary.

It is of utter importance that we teach the altar boys how to be holy, pray and stay pure in a world that is full of contamination.  We pray some of these boys may become priests some day.

We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and to have tools to help us avoid the pitfall of the world and the devil.


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  1. Father,

    I follow your web posts daily and share them. Its wonderful what you are doing.
    This week we get Fr. Stinson, FSSP to be our new priest. We have been given St. Joseph’s in Tacoma, WA. We officially take possession in October but are trying to transition the old parishoners from the OF to the EF. The first EF Mass will be in October. St. Joe’s is an old Slovak parish that has fallen on some tough times. My relatives were from Slovakia prior to WWI (1880 to be exact).

    Looking forward to meeting the folks.

    God Bless your work.

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