Protests At Planned Murderhood Today Aug. 22

HoldingBabiesHead-CMPVideo6-854px_810_500_55_s_c1Join Voces Unidas Por La Vida to Protest Planned Parenthood’s harvesting and selling of aborted baby parts. Join Catholics around the Phoenix Arizona in Prayer and Protest on August 22, 2015 at the three following facilities.
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Planned Parenthood Phoenix- 4751 N 15th St. Phoenix, AZ 85014 10:00AM – 12:00PM ·

Planned Parenthood Glendale – 5771 W Eugie Glendale, AZ 85304 9:00AM – 11:00AM ·

Planned Parenthood Tempe – 1250 E Apache Blvd Suite 108 Tempe 9:00AM – 11:00AM

9 Replies to “Protests At Planned Murderhood Today Aug. 22”

  1. Father, I think that it is counterproductive for you to show images from the videos on your website. You are risking traumatizing pure minds and souls. Any regular reader of your site is already on your side. The images that you show only serve to sensationalize the topic.

  2. Father, on the contrary to what Peter writes, I would like to say well done on posting pictures that can do nothing but point out the grave reality of what our society is doing to the most innocent. We all know that it is a holocaust of an astounding magnitude. And for Peter, I am not sure who’s minds would be traumatized by seeing these pictures? Are there 6 and 7 year olds searching out traditional Catholic blogs, today, without parental guidance? Seriously? Who could take your guidance seriously? I think educating the public on what is really happening and to who (inside of these holocaust chambers) is dire…the time has come to preach the truth no matter what sentimental minds like yours might think. Oh and by the way, 60 years ago (or there about), there was no such thing as adolescence. That age group was only known as adults….boys and girls were once raised to become adults so that they would grow and rise to know, love and serve God and for sure to be able to handle the truth. It is bizarre to think that you would be worried about THIS post traumatizing minds and souls. How about the pollution of porn, homo topics and the like that are “in your face” all day long??? Now, those things will definitely pollute and traumatize one’s mind and soul!!! God Bless Father! Keep posting as you are!
    In Christ,

    1. I guess you don’t have children and a wife who don’t need to see those things. They are better posted on secular websites where people who might need to see that kind of image will see them. Imagine a 10 year old sitting on Daddy’s lap as he opens a Catholic website that has those images appear, especially the one that showed the little aborted baby dying in the hand of some person. A Traditional Catholic doesn’t need to see that. My wife is still crying after seeing that one, and she is adamant about shutting down Planned Parenthood. You have to play to your audience, not to your sense of self-righteousness. If it is so necessary to show those images, then put a warning on the site so that people will be careful in opening it.

      1. Maria-Camilla,
        That is very well said…”Truly we are magnificently made, woven in our mother’s womb by the tender hand of God.” A picture like this is a wonderful opportunity for instruction on the magnificence of God’s creation and the horrors of this “new” holocaust. As a Traditional Catholic, also like Peter and his wife, my wife and I desire to read and see good Catholic writing and information through these blogs. But, you know, sometimes we are smacked in the face with reality and THAT reality, Peter, is an atrocity like no other ever on the face of this earth. While yes it is true that all things are ultimately ordained by God either by his active and or permissive will, it certainly does not mean that we should sit around like a bunch of wimps (especially men getting there feelings hurt) claiming that by viewing photos and videos of these crimes against humanity at it’s most vulnerable state should be cautioned or prohibited. I mean, my goodness. Lord help us all!

          1. Peter, I certainly did not intend to offend and hurt your feelings. I am sorry for that. But, it is very sad when Catholic men cannot even agree on this pursuit of instruction. I do believe what the good Father is trying to do is instruct through the spiritual work of mercy…namely…”instructing the ignorant”. And, there are many ignorant Catholics on this topic specifically. That is for sure.
            Again, please forgive my offense…
            In Christ,

    2. Kent, I read the rest of your comment. This is a website for committed Catholics. I gave you two perfectly understandable scenarios. One, a child sitting on his/her parent’s lap looking at some wholesome Catholic material. Second, a pure-hearted and very sensitive wife who also likes to read the blog to get good information about the Catholic faith. At least put a warning. Those images are right in front of the person who opens the site. Where is your compassion, Kent? Good for you that you like sensationalist material. There are a ton of websites that show all of the videos on the subject. I certainly don’t let the children look at those. Now I have to be careful in my house about opening this blog. What a sorry state we have come to.

      1. I had a completely different reaction to the picture. I suppose some of my maternal instincts somehow managed to survive the culture wars. I looked at the face of the baby (boy?) and I felt a sweetness, to see him so cute and beautifully formed. Truly we are magnificently made, woven in our mother’s womb by the tender hand of God. Perhaps looking at the baby the same way you’d look at any other baby in a pram can help diffuse the trauma. If a young child on daddy’s lap does not understand what he is seeing, teach him to see in the picture another lovable little boy, just like he is lovable. We have to find the humanity and the love in the sea of horrors we navigate each day.

  3. Put me down on the side of posting the pictures. Arguing against showing pictures of the Unborn Holocaust is the same as arguing against showing pictures of the Holocaust to people, even children. We all need to be reminded of the atrocity that is being committed every day.

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