Bishop Livieres, Ousted by Pope Francis, Dies

Friday, August 14th, the day that St. Maximilian Kolbe died, Bishop Livieres died at the age 69 from diabetes complications in a hospital in Buenos Aires Argentina.
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 He had been the bishop of the diocese of Ciudad del Este for 10 years in Paraguay until Pope Francis had him investigated and ousted.  The Vatican said it was because of ‘serious pastoral reasons’ and ‘for the greater good of preserving the unity of the local Church’.   All of us know so well these modernists lingo; ‘pastoral reasons’, ‘unity of local Church’.   iu

The accusations were;

  1. Spending irregularities,
  2. Allowing a priest friend from Argentina ‘accused’ of molesting seminarians in Scranton Penn into his diocese.  The case was settled.
  3. Had accused the Archbishop of Asuncion Paraguay of being a homosexual.   Paraguay_Ousted_Bishop-08ea6-994

At the time, Bishop Livieres said that the pope would have to answer to God for what he did.  But afterwards he humbly reconciled with the pope and forgave everyone before his death.  He also asserted that he was the victim of liberal bishops and other Catholics in his diocese.

In his short stay in his diocese, he built the very successful new San Jose Seminary filled with many vocations to the priesthood.  He had the Latin Mass in almost every parish of his diocese.Heilige-Messe-im-Alten-Ritus-durch-Bischof-Livieres-300x200Bishop Livieres Offering The Latin Mass

Again we pray for the repose of his soul.  His fight is over.  Now, hopefully he will be rewarded by God.

4 Replies to “Bishop Livieres, Ousted by Pope Francis, Dies”

  1. “Again we pray for the repose of his soul. His fight is over. Now, hopefully he will be rewarded by God”

    And can help us keep the traditional faith more abundantly from heaven.
    May he rest in peace.

  2. Sad on not just one level. First the Church has lost a faithful priest. Secondly, the traditional Church has been assailed with just another “nail in the coffin” by this Pope of ours.

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