Traditional Catholics And The Video Game Vice

I talked to a young Catholic man who spends 10 hours a day playing video games.  More and more of our Catholic boys, girls, youth and adults have the vice of wasting their time and life on electronic devices.  For some it is video games, for others it is Facebook, for others it is computer games, for others it is pornography.  Yes pornography is by far eviler, but maybe they all have a connection.  IMG_0929 copy copy

Children are given by their parents, relatives and friends at Christmas or birthday parties, many different electronic devices and games.  Parents are happy to see their children quiet, busy and out of their way.  Yet they are the cause of our new generation of warped lazy children, who no longer know how to be in real reality.

Yes, ‘parents’ and so called ‘family and friends’ are destroying their own children and setting them up to be involved in many other destructive activities, like watching pornography on the smart phone that the parents purchased and pay for each month.

Most people no longer know what God’s REALITY is.  They have become so immersed UNREAL virtual reality, they can no longer sense what is real from what is virtually real.  They have lost contact with what a healthy life really should be.  God’s normality is now abnormal for them.  They feel uncomfortable in God’s reality.

Let us take boys for instance.  Normal boys, the way God created them, have a great deal of energy.  For them it is almost impossible to stay still because that is how God created them to be.  They naturally want to be outside, running around, playing games, building forts, climbing trees, hunting, swimming and chasing after lizards and other strange things.

But, teach a normal boy how to enter in and live in virtual reality by playing competitive video games, shooting games, boxing games, sports games, they stay sedative and glued to the smart phone, control box, computer or television.

children-addicted-to-video-gamesThese boys turn into teenagers and men who go on playing video games and spend hours passively watching other people have a good time playing sports on TV.  They talk for hours about girls or sports.  I will say this again; ‘Watching Professional and Collegiate sports are the men’s opiate, (drug)’.  (Evil Karl Marx said that religion is the opiate of the masses’ because religious people stay passive while the rich oppress them because they wait for their happiness in heaven.
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 Since he was an atheist, he wrongly believed that you need to violently take the land, money and means of production from the few Rich and give it to the masses of people.)  So that is why I say sports is the opiate that drugs men into a passive attitude.  They endlessly watch sports or talk about sports while the world and their families are quickly heading for destruction.  As ISIS takes over the world, they go on endlessly talking about the latest player or game they saw.

IMG_4634Every Sunday evening at 6:00 pm I play real sports.  I enjoy the real thing.  I do not enjoy vicariously other sportsmen playing sports.  I have fun.  The others I invite to come play have fun too.  I get exercise and they do so as well.

Girls too are very social beings.  They like to play house, dress up, play games, read and cook.  Expose them to virtual reality and they too become warped.  Girls and women tend to spend and waste their lives on looking at, reading and talking about other people lives.  A woman told me she spends hours in the social media and has, as she said; ‘a horrible emptiness inside her’.

Laziness is one of the capital sins.  Because you parents allow your boys and girls to become passive members of virtual reality, they have become lazy as well.  And when you ask them to do some chore, they say yes, but never end up doing it.  And it is your fault for making them into un-natural children, living vicariously in an un-real world.

Have you happened to notice that you, your neighbors, your children are getting over weight?  Think it just might have something to do with this lazy sedative life?

I preach about getting rid of electronic games and anything that will cause us to have the vices of laziness, wasting time and pornography.  I tell the catechism parents and children to get rid of these games.  I tell the children at the Catholic school to not play video games too.  But very very few listen.  They know best.  We have become a vice ridden Church and society.

Here are a few suggestions for all of you who want to live a NATURAL LIFE according to God’s plan.

  • Throw away or destroy all your electronic games.  Do not sell them or give them to others to waste their lives with either.
  • Remind children that there is an outside to run around in and discover.
  • Try to live in the country where they can be creative in God’s true world.
  • Set a good example by you not spending all your time looking at evil TV, talking on the phone or going on Facebook.
  • Keep your children busy working, playing, creating, studying and praying.

child-playing-video-gameTime = Life.  Life = a limited amount of time God has destined for each one of us.  We want to live our life for God, not for video games, sports or virtual relationships.  Today decide to change.  Today decide to free your children from their video vices.  Today start to live a normal life.  Your children will get angry at you and it will take some adjusting, but it is well worth it in the long run.  They will get over it.

We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and to be using our life, our time, for the extending of the Kingdom of Christ the King, not the devil.  We know how to be happy in the great world God gave us and to have real loving friends with whom we can talk face to face with, eat with, pray with and play with.

6 Replies to “Traditional Catholics And The Video Game Vice”

  1. Ave Maria!

    Hello Father!
    When I reverted to the faith in 2010 I stopped watching TV and listening to the radio. I only listened to Classical music. It took me roughly a year to enjoy Classical music because my body was used to adrenalin music/TVs. Classical music’s beauty is in its spacing……yes the sound is what we hear but it is in the silent pause that proves Classical music is from Heaven and originates from the Mass. I forced myself to listen to Classical music because I knew my physical body had become polluted by my choices…….I needed to purge the bad noise to begin to hear Heaven.

    Father we are in very trying times. You are correct that video game use is a precursor for porn addiction. We all must pray and persevere.

    God Bless,

  2. Might I add Father, that parents might want to reconsider using virtual books too. I have often considered since the whole ebook thing has taken off that maybe it wasn’t even good to read the Bible on a device because your children don’t know what you’re reading. And my eldest child backed this up recently by saying as much to me. I now am going to stick with real books instead.

      1. Most devices on which people read ebooks are multifunctional ie. internet, games, chatting. When children see you using your phone/pad etc. they tend to fill in the blanks with what they’d be doing on the device if they could not what you are doing on it. A real book has one function. They know exactly what you are doing and of those books that you read habitually they get to know what you are reading by recognizing the cover. Children need to see their parents reading good books. Most especially those they read as part of their daily spiritual reading. And it is these books in particular that I am referring to. Who doesn’t read on some electronic device these days. I read books/blogs on them when I have the time. But no longer my daily spiritual reading. And as David said, learning your limits is very important. But I also think that we need to be very careful in identifying just what those limits should be.

  3. Too much of nearly anything is probably going to be bad for you, and video games are no exception.

    Any electronic medium is like fire; a good servant, but a bad master. That said, it’s possible to be an aficionado of the hobby and still lead a balanced life, but it’s much harder to do with children, and much harder if parents do not pursue interests in moderation themselves, online *or* offline. My son is an up-and-coming game designer in Seattle, and would be the first to agree with this. Any young boy or girl — that’s right, about half the video game players are female — growing up playing games who wants to make them, will see the need to be not only good at crafting a story — the first two years of a game design major in college is spent designing classic board games — but very much steeped in literature, including fiction. So, in addition to having to “pull the plug” on him often enough when he was a boy, he was (and still is) a voracious reader.

  4. Honestly, the whole “video games ruin lives” thing gets a little bit old to me. Video games are truly like anything else enjoyable in this life : fine in moderation, but too much of a good thing is too much of a good thing.

    If your children aren’t doing their chores on time, or they’re spending too much time playing video games, that’s your failure as a parent in disciplining them. The same can be said for toys, playing in the backyard, reading books, watching movies or anything of that nature. There is no intrinsic evil in video games, and I hold to that firmly.

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