Traditional Catholic Wife And Mother 6

The great vocation of a Catholic Wife and Mother taken principally from the writings of St. Peter Julian Eymard, (Eucharistic Handbook).Mary, Mother of God (3)

Women, the Bulwark of Civilization. – In the 1600’s, Our Lady of Good Success foretold to Ven.
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Mother Marianna of Jesus that the 20th century would see a loss of faith, morals and good customs. Today we see her prophecies have come true.
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What remains of Christian Western Civilization is being attacked on every side and systematically destroyed.

Christian mothers must remember, therefore, that in every society, it has always been the faithful women who uphold the standards for good manners, customs and morals. These are values which mothers, more than any other, hand-on to their children; these are values women are able to elicit from men and society—simply by conducting themselves in a respectful and modest manner which demands reciprocation. Thus, the recovery of Christian civilization, so desperately needed today, will begin and be sustained by the Christian woman and mother, the heart of every family and home and country.

fatima4AT FATIMA, the angel depicted in the vision part of Third Secret repeated the request of Our Lady of Lourdes: Penance! Penance! Penance! With this penance performed, the heavenly Queen is depicted in the same vision as putting out the flames of God’s wrath coming upon the world! If we do our penance according to our duties of state, we will surely be aided by God’s grace in all our endeavors and receive the protection of the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts against all dangers as well as help Our Lady in fulfilling the Fatima promises… In the end, My Immaculate Heart with triumph.” 

How happy such a good wife and mother will be when she goes before God’s judgment seat and is able to say: Those whom Thou hast given me I have guarded(John 17:12).