St. Dominic, (1170-1221) Founder Of The Order Of Preachers Or Dominicans – August 4th

St. Dominic, (1170-1221) Founder Of The Order Of Preachers Or Dominicans – August 4th

Many miracles surround the birth of St. Dominic to his father Felix Guzman and his holy mother Blessed Joanna of Aza.  He was born in Spain to a noble family.  His brother Antonio was also a priest who dedicated his life to ministering to the sick in a hospital.  His other brother, Manes, was also beatified.

Fra Angelico_The_Perugia_Altarpiece,_Side_Panel_Depicting_St__Dominic+1437_St. Dominic unsuccessfully attempted two times to sell himself as a slave to the muslims to set other captured Catholic slaves free.

His main passion that motivated his tireless work was love of truth, (Jesus, The Way, The Truth and Life), and a extreme love for souls.  He always kept in mind, when trying save sinners and convert heretics, the difference between the sinner and his sins.

Crucifixion with St. Dominc_cell 17_1442Many many miracles were performed by God through him.  He raised to life the dead Napoleone Orsine.  His “Dissertation Against Heretics” was thrown two times into fire at Fanjeaux France, and both times the book was miraculously raised out of the fire and not burned.

Dominic and the Albe_BERRUGUETE, PedroNot only did he fight against heretics by prayer, an ascetical life style and intellectual discourse, but also by praying for and supporting armed suppression of these Albigensian heretics.  He was very close friends and supporter to Simon de Montfort in all his battles and crusades. A battle against the heretics was miraculously won by his praying before the altar in the Church of St. Jocques on Sept. 12, 1213.  After the miraculous victory, a chapel was built in honor of Our Lady of The Holy Rosary in this church.

He was also involved in the Inquisition.  From then on the Dominicans were very involved in the Inquisition, like St. Pope Pius V.

St. Dominic is especially famous for having received from the Virgin Mary the Holy Rosary with the 15 Decades and the 3 Mysteries of Joy, Sorrow and Glory.  Mary told him that he would have much greater success, in converting the heretics and sinners, if he were to say all the 15 decades.

5.1.5In 1215, an ecumenical council was held in Rome to help improve three very important Catholic principles.  They were to improve morals, eradicated heresy and strengthen people’s faith.  As then, today more than ever, we need to 1) grow in faith, 2) study to know Catholic truth and doctrine and 3) live a life based on the Christian morals Jesus taught us.  

St. Dominic agreed that this is what the Church needed.  So he asked for permission from the pope to start a world wide order with these goals in mind.  But what happened was that the Vatican would not approve any new order with new rules.  So he based his order on the simple and somewhat flexible rule of St. Augustine.

Virgin and Child with Sts Dominic and Thomas Aquinas_ANGELICO, FraHe also started a Third Order of lay men and women to protect the property and rights of the Church.  (As a student of Church history and having traveled all over the world, I have learned that, from the very beginning, Emperors, kings and governments have continuously stolen land and goods from the Catholic Church.  The Catholic Church is the oldest human institution in the world.  She naturally will have more Churches and property than all the other new institutions that continually come into existence.  For this reason she is said to be too rich and own too much money and property.)

The sex scandals and law suits are again taking all the property and wealth of the Church away.  I say, put the priest in jail for their crimes.  But the money is not of the priests, it is of the Catholic people who donated it.  Why should their money be stolen from to pay for the crimes of priests.  I know that it is a deterrent that bishops listen too.  How sad that the bishops had to wait till it came to money before they stopped these evil priests from abusing adolescents and children.  (Remember, most of the law suits are homosexual priests abusing adolescent young men).

St. Dominic is a great saint to teach us to be chaste.  He mortified his body and was a virgin till he died.  Let us learn from God, Mary and saints like him to be sexually pure in an impure X rated world.

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