Saving Our Catholic Children From becoming Sex Objects

I have a slow leak in one of the tires on my van.  It almost went flat on me yesterday.  Instead of going to a tire shop on Sunday, to get it fixed, (and causing someone to have to work on the Lord’s Day), I went to a coin machine and filled it up with air.  IMG_3220

Today, Monday, I went to my friends tire shop to get it fixed.  I ran into a woman, who’s daughter was very ill in the hospital a year and a half ago.  She was very very seriously ill.  I would go visit her often, because the mother was desperate, and she recovered thanks to much prayer.  She is now a healthy 4 year old.

As the mother waited for her tire to be repaired, her daughter was in the car.  I opened the door to say hi to her.  She was listening to music on her mom’s smart phone.  Believe it or not, (I had a hard time believing my eyes and my ears), she was watching a music video with women dressed very sexy and doing obscene gestures.

I took the phone from her, (kindly), and showed her mother what she was watching.  I asked the mother, (who is in a woman’s group here at the parish), how her daughter learned how to listen to such immoral music.  She said her other daughters, age 8, 10 and 12, have taught their sister how to watch these music videos.  Her sisters are in our catechism classes.

priest-children-bagshot-surreyCatholic children, back when they use to dress like Catholic Christians.

So, as much as I feel like doing, I am not going to get discouraged that 4 year old girl in my parish is already addicted to immoral music videos.  No, we just need to acknowledge how evil things are right now with our Catholic fathers, mothers and children, and go on trying to effect the few with whom we may have a tiny bit of good influence on.  We are the tiny speck fighting against three huge monsters, the the devil, the flesh and the world.

We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics.  Hopefully, our children will be less likely to have access to these evil monsters that will gobble up their souls.  Then it will be ‘less likely’ that they will have premarital sex, get pregnant as nature works and then have these babies killed because they were not ‘planned’.

These sexy music videos prepare our children to dress sexy, to act sexy and to have sex.
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  It is a loose loose situation.   The children loose their innocence, loose their virginity, loose their self respect, are treated as sex objects, and will probably never have a happy normal godly marriage that last ’till death do us part’.

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  1. Ave Maria!

    Hello Father!

    Wow what a wonderful response! These are trying times.

    God Bless,

  2. Hi Father,
    You are right. We are under attack from the evil one and his angels to corrupt our young. We can not even go to our mall without obscene images put in our face on advertisements. I think it is important as parents to teach our children modesty and decency and what is right and wrong and use these opportunities for teaching them that what they are seeing is wrong. There is hope for our children if we do not give up on teaching them what is right and wrong and never stop praying for them! After all what is right and wrong is imprinted into their conscience when they got baptized. They will know we speak the truth and if not now – someday will turn from these evils and set themselves right – as you mentioned in a previous post St. Monica never gave up praying for her son – St. Augustus. Nothing is impossible with God. All we need to do is pray and never stop praying. God bless all the children of the world. We should never stop praying for them as now more the ever the evil one is out for their ruin like a raging beast.
    God Bless,
    Debbie – Canada

  3. I am a 35 year old woman, my parents divorced when I was 5. My parents are very liberal, the women on both sides of my family are ardent feminists, and my father is an agnostic libertine who thinks exposing children to sexuality at a young age is “natural” and “healthy.”

    I became pregnant at age 19. The seeds planted at the catholic high school I attended (thank God) bore some fruit as I ultimately rejected abortion and embraced my child and married in the Church. My husband converted to Catholocism thanks to the holy priests at the parish we went to for marriage preparation. We have been on the road to a fuller communion with the church ever since, with many set backs and much sinful resistance on my part along the way. But thank God I have gone from a very liberal Catholic to what I hope can be considered a traditional Catholic. We have withstood temptation, stopped contraception, and are now the proud parents of 8 wonderful children. All thanks to God, who sent wonderful examples of traditional Catholocism I was blessed to come into contact with along the way, many of them online.

    You never know how your simple words and actions will touch a soul. Do not despair, God continues to work through faithful Catholics and those who seem lost can be found.

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