Blog Comment Rules

Comments are now going to be visible so that the readers may be edified.  It is best, at the beginning, to set the ground rules and they are as follows:

  • Remember we are held accountable for every word said, thought, or typed – act accordingly.
  • Love of God and YOUR neighbor should permeate all comments.
  • Commenting is a privilege and that privilege can be revoked at any time.
  • Before you comment, ask Mary and your guardian angel for help so that you honor God with what you say.

I am sure there are many more things that can be said about the rules, but if you are seeking the glory of God, all else will fall in place.



One Reply to “Blog Comment Rules”

  1. I’m sorry there are comments that aren’t user friendly. I try to keep my comments modest. Thank you for taking the time to edit comments.

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