Traditional Catholic Wife And Mother 4

The great vocation of a Catholic Wife and Mother taken principally from the writings of St. Peter Julian Eymard, (Eucharistic Handbook).

The divine mission of the mother is one of faith, virtue, prayer, and suffering.holyfamily15

A mission of faith. – She must be the first to speak of God, of the goodness of Jesus Christ to her children; to foster the growth of the seed of faith deposited in them by the grace of baptism; to watch with a great care over their innocence and to make piety a part of their early training. It is the mother that must preserve and keep up the faith of the family by being very strict and guarding it from everything that may scandalize one of its members. Faith is the Christian’s most precious treasure, the pearl of great price. Through spiritual readings and pious conversations, she will help the faith of her children bear fruit.
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Furthermore, parents are the first educators of their children. Pope Leo XIII once wrote: “Catholic parents should not confide the education of their children to schools that are not safe…” (letter to the Italian people, Dec 8, 1892). The Catechism says, this right and duty of parents is “primordial and inalienable” such that, “The role of parents in education is of such importance that it is almost impossible to provide an adequate substitute.”vargas gonzales family 025-1Gonzales Family, from which came two cristero martyrs, Jorge and Ramon.

A mission of virtue. – A mother must instill virtue in each one of her children in such a manner as to make it agreeable to them. Virtue that does not spring forth from within will quickly be lost by a child through bad companions or upon leaving home. A mother will first of all apply herself to making her own virtue simple and easy so that her children may become, as it were, naturally virtuous through her example; meek and gentle – as was that of Jesus and Mary – so that she may win the hearts of all; strong, determined, and yet disinterested, so that she may always remain undisturbed in her trials and faithful to God in her sacrifices.

If the husband God has given her is more of the sinner than a Christian, to his edification and her sanctification, she will devote herself to his conversion with patience and confidence. Such a wife may find recourse and inspiration from St. Monica, St. Rita, Bd. Anna Maria Taigi as well as Bd. Elizabeth Canori-Mora.

In mission of prayer. – A Christian mother will best sanctify her family by prayer. Her prayer puts the finishing touch on what her words and examples have begun. God refuses nothing to the persevering prayer of a mother, as St. Monica proves. He has placed her power and victory in prayer. Prayer should then be the habitual food of her soul.

A mother will teach her children their prayers early. Inasmuch as she can, she will take it upon herself to have them fulfill this pious duty every day. She will especially get them into the habit of frequent visits to the Most Blessed Sacrament by leading them to church from their tenderest years.Virgin Showing the Man of Sorrows_MEMLING, Hans

A mission of suffering. – The title of mother is the fruit of suffering; God has willed it so. The title of spiritual mother can be acquired only on Calvary at the side of the Virgin Mother of Sorrows.

To obtain the grace of salvation for her children, a mother must then accept suffering and often suffer alone with Jesus and Mary: blessed sufferings indeed, since they beget children of God and citizens of heaven to the life of grace. The greater is her suffering and the more devoid she is of all natural consolation, the more a mother should rejoice in divine charity; for that is the sign that the hour of victory is at hand.

Happy the mother who possesses the wisdom of the Cross, the virtue of Jesus Crucified; all the sweetness and power of it will be hers.
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Let her then practice this crucified love without ceasing; let her earnestly pray for it as for the surest and sublimest grace of perfection.