16 Traditional Catholic Gifts From God

All that we have, (in spite of the fact that most of us believe we have earned it all), is a gift from God.  He has endowed us with many many gifts, natural and supernatural.  creed-1

For even as a man going into a far country, called his servants, and delivered to them his goods; And to one he gave five talents, and to another two, and to another one, to every one according to his proper ability: and immediately he took his journey.  Matthew 25:14-15.

Here is a list of some of the great gifts God has bestowed on each one of us.

  1. Immortal Soul.  The greatest of all our gifts received from God is our immortal soul.  It is the source of our ability to think, know, reflect, laugh and love.  It is the temple of the Holy Spirit when we are baptized and confirmed.  God’s life and graces remains in our souls as long as we do not commit any mortal soul.  Instantly God leaves and the evil spirit comes and takes up residence.  After death our soul will be forever in heaven, (probably after being purified in purgatory), or hell depending on our decisions and action we make in this short life.  If we do happen to offend God and commit a mortal sin, a sincere confession will bring back God into our souls again.
  2. Our Body.  The human body is such a great gift from God.  We can use it to pray, create, work, love and have children.  Since it is such a very precious gift, we need to protect it by eating healthy food, exorcising and drinking plenty of water.  We do not abuse it by eating junk food, fast foods, sweet things, drink sugar packed sodas which causes us to become over weight.  Our body needs exorcise, work and regular rest times.  Smoking, drugs, drinking too much alcohol, using birth-control, (artificial hormones that give cancer), destroy the body.  Our body has sex organs to be only used in holy Marriage to have babies.  When these organs are used before marriage or in homosexual sex, we can often get sexually transmitted diseases that give our bodies illness that will never go away, (like AIDS and Herpes).  A beautiful woman’s face or body or a handsome man’s face and body are great gifts from God too. But they are not to be lusted after or treated as objects for our pleasure.
  3. Our Brain.  The mind is a faculty of the soul and is independent of the body.  But the brain is part of the body and works in conjunction with the mind to think, to control our bodily functions and to learn.  When we abuse our brain, by using the computer, video games, smart phone too much, by over working, by not sleeping enough, by drug and alcohol abuse, the mind can literally “Go Crazy”.  Mind abuse can also cause panic attacks and anxiety.
  4. Memory.  When someone looses their memory, they begin to appreciate very much what they lost.  Memory allows us to remember what was good and bad experiences that resulted from our good or bad actions.  With memory we can learn difficult things and languages, we can go back in time and we can have a sense of humor.
  5. Intellect and Free Will.  Our mind/brain is connected to our souls.  We are given the opportunity to think things out and to listen to our conscience, so that we can freely choose with our will, what is good or what is bad.
  6. Grace.  God gives us graces through the Holy Sacraments, so as to be able to make the right choices with our intellect, to will to do what is pleasing to God and good for ourselves and others.
  7. Faith.  The ability to believe in God and to seek Him is the gift of faith. IMG_8736
  8. Five Senses.  Our intellect and body is informed by the gift of our 5 senses.  They are the God’s gifts of sight, smelling, touching, hearing and tasting.  Sight.  We never appreciate this great indispensable gift from God until we begin to loose it.  We appreciate beauty of nature, we recognize faces of our loved ones, we read, we walk freely without help, we write, we cook, we run, we read lips, we smile with our eyes.  Smell.  One of the most important aspects of this gift is to smell a bad odor that warns us that what we are smelling is dangerous for us.  Bad food smells bad.  Dead animals and other things stink and warn us to stay away from them.  Poop smells because it can pass on diseases.  Taste.  Again the taste buds tell us if some thing is good or bad for us.  When there is no sugar or salt, they work much better.   With taste we enjoy the good things God has given us to eat.  Touch.  Without touch, we would not be able to know if something is so hot it will damage our bodies.  We can find things in the dark.  We can feel other people’s hands, bodies and faces in a holy pure way.  Hearing.  With our ears we can hear the Holy Mass, the Word of God, the homily and other holy advice from wise holy people.  We can hear words of love from our family and loved ones.  We can hear correction and orders that are necessary for our good and to complete work.  With our hearing we can protect ourselves when we hear a dangerous animal getting to near, or a speeding car approaching us.IMG_7518
  9. Nature.  All God has created, the earth, the sky and the universe is true beauty and just for man’s enjoyment.  We love seeing in nature; animals, roses, flowers, streams and rivers, mountains, trees, clouds, the sun, the stars, horses, cows, giraffes, puppies, kittens, fish, whales, dauphins and birds.
  10. Health.  When we pray, have self discipline, live holy lives, eat well, exercise regularly, live chastely and do not abuse our body with drug and alcohol abuse, normally we have health.  With health you can do anything.  Without health everything is very troublesome.
  11. Power over Nature.  It is amazing that most insects and animals fear man.  Yet man can tame them to use them to serve him.  Man has damned up rivers to create immense power.  But, often, man forgets that nature is more powerful than he is; earthquakes, storms, lightning, tornados, hurricanes, droughts, heat waves and cold spells.  IMG_8325
  12. Creativity.  Man is very creative and comes up with great inventions.  But when man thinks he is smarter than God, watch out.  Like the Titanic.  Man boasted that they had created a ship that not even God could sink.  On its maiden voyage, it received its just reward at the bottom of the sea.IMG_7689
  13. Opportunities.  God has given us our brain, our family, friends and nature to do great things.  There is endless things we can do if we put our minds to it, have sufficient materials and work together.
  14. Property.  All our land we claim to own was created by God.  Although we think we have accumulated it by our own effort, the reality is that God made the earth and in some way allowed us to use a part of it. Pieter Boel_Vanitas_Lille_Musee des B-A_1663
  15. Money.  God gave us intelligence and energy to work and to make money.  We should never exploit others, especially the poor, to gain profit.   Clara Peeters_Still Life wi flowers & gold trophies_Karlsruhe_Staatliche Kunsthalle_1612
  16. Riches.  Some how or other, all our wealth has come from what God created.  We never created minerals, fossil fuel, trees, land or energy.  Everything we create comes from these basic materials God created.  So we need to use all our riches, to store up riches in heaven by helping the poor or doing things that will extend the Kingdom of God.  We should use our money to build Catholic TV stations, radio stations, blogs, monasteries, schools, hospitals, libraries, churches and beautiful art.

IMG_7711We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and to know that all these things God has given to us are to be used for the honor and glory of God, our salvation and the salvation of souls.