Humanae Vitae’s 47th Aniversary

My Friend just started LAPIDESCLAMANT BLOG and this is what he published for Humanae Vitae Sunday:

Garbage Cans in Church Vestibules to Throw Away Contraceptives

Tomorrow (July 25th) marks the 47th anniversary of Humanae Vitae, the encyclical letter of Pope Paul VI that, among other things, reiterated the Church’s teaching on contraception: it’s still a mortal sin.Inspired by Pope Francis’s recent comments on “protest art,” the following picture is a suggestion for pastors to remind their parishioners this weekend about Humanae Vitae and the teaching it contains in art-like form. It could be placed in the church vestibule.

In light of another encyclical — the recently promulgated Laudato Si’ by Pope Francis on caring for the environment — pastors may find it beneficial to place a second garbage can in the vestibule: