Catholic Christendom # 4

Christ-endom has to do with Jesus Christ being King, boss, over all people nations and creation.  He is literally this because He created us and redeemed us on the Cross.

The New Testament, literally begins with the Gospel of Matthew with the Royal lineage of Jesus Christ.  This genealogy is traced through the royal tribe of Judah, and King David.  But those kingdoms of David and Solomon were only temporal and prefigurations of the Jesus’ temporal and spiritual kingdom, but more specifically, His perfect eternal kingdom that has yet to be completely realized.

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St. Robert Bellarmine shows that the church fathers taught that when the Angel Gabriel says: “The Lord will give Him the throne of David His Father.” it means a spiritual and eternal kingdom, and not the temporal and carnal kingdom of King David so that Jesus might reign “over the house of Jacob forever“.

At the time of Jesus’ coming,  the Israelites had lost their earthly power to the Romans.  So when the Father sent Jesus Christ to be their messiah and king in a spiritual and eternal way, most of the Jews rejected Him because they were looking for a worldly king.  The Jews are still looking for this purely worldly messiah to come and give them a worldly kingdom.  That is why they lay up all their treasures, (jewelers and bankers), in this life and forget about storing up treasures in the eternal kingdom of heaven.  (The word jewelry comes from the word Jew.)

caravaggio_flagellationofchrist.thisoneScourging Of Jesus Christ the King.

Jesus’ power comes from His Father who anointed Him messiah, not from the conquest of territory or being chosen by the people to be their king. For this reason, we always see Jesus fleeing from the crowds who want to make them their worldly messiah and king.  Their small minded concept of a messiah and king had to be rejected, because His kingship will endure long after this world no longer exist.  (“for the former things are pass away” (Apocalypse)

“and we look for new heavens and a new earth” (2 Peter 3:13).

In the Gospel of St. John on the Feast of Christ the King, Jesus says to Pontius Pilate : “My kingdom is not of this world”.  What He meant was that His kingdom had nothing to do with worldly honors, wealth and power.  He had already rejected that kingship when the devil offered all this to Him, ‘if only He would adore him’.  His kingship comes from above, from His divinity, that is hidden in His humble humanity.11_06_01_sacred_heart

Jesus’ Kingship is over the devil too.

“Now will the prince (royal) of this world be cast out.”  John 12: 31.

“Thus did God disarm the principalities and powers.  He made a public show of them, leading them off captive, triumphed in the person of Christ.” Col. 2: 15.

“For this the Son of God appeared that He might undo the works of the devil.” 1 John 3:8.

His kingship liberates us from the prince of darkness, (the devil), and restores us as sons of God.

Jesus did not come into a palace, but but was born a king in an animal’s pen.

“Behold they that are clothed in soft garments, are in the houses of kings.” Matt. 11: 8.

But His Father honors Him with the royal star and by foreign kings who come to worship Him and give Him royal gold.  The Jewish king Herod, who should have recognized Him, obeyed Him and adored Him, instead attempts to destroy Him.

ST.JohnThis Divine King was condemned for the crime of “claiming to be King of the Jews” as was evident by what was written on His cross.  He was born a King, crowned a King (crown of thorns) and died a King.

If Jesus had at that time started a temporal kingdom in Israel, after His ascension into heaven, it would have had to last.  But as we know, many countries have overrun and ruled over Israel since the time of Christ.

Jesus promised that at the end of time, (and I hope it is soon), He will come in all His Divine Glory and power, surrounded by His angels.  No longer will men be able to mock Him and disobey Him.  All will be subject to Him as king, whether they like it or not.

Those who have obeyed His Catholic Church’s 2000 year old teachings, preached the Gospel, shown love and helped the poor, will rule with Him forever.  Those who have obeyed their own pleasure seeking passions in this life and have failed to show charity, will have the devil as their prince and ruler forever.

Meanwhile we are somewhere between the first coming of Jesus as a humble suffering servant King who came “to serve and not to be served”, and the Eschatological times.  We are in what should be Christendom time where Jesus is our Eternal, Spiritual and Temperal King.  But we only find specks of Christendom in a few churches and families.  For this reason we are working to restore Jesus’ rule over all.

We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics who try to love, obey and adore Our King, Jesus Christ.  He is our all powerful King who saves us from the devil, from eternal damnation and protects us every day.