Good News For Traditional Catholic Pro Lifers

I have a post that lists the companies that support Planned Murderhood so that we can boycott them, (not purchase any of the products or access their services).  The great news is that since the video on their selling baby parts, thousands of people are accessing this blog to get the list so as to be able to boycott these companies.  I hope they are feeling the financial impact of supporting this racist, baby killing organization started by Margaret Sanger a eugenist.  Margaret Sanger and KKK

Our government supports them with our tax money so they can go throughout the world killing off minorities.  I have not received a salary for many years.  My bishop wanted me to take it and them donate it back to the parish.  I said no, because I do not want to have to pay taxes that goes towards killing babies, forced sterilization of poor women, forcing condoms on people who do not even have enough food to eat or medical care and pushing the use of birthcontrol.abortion1

What would the animal lovers do if there was an organization that aborts baby dogs and cats and harvest their organs, tissues and muscles to sell.  There would be intense furor all over the world.  Yet, mothers, at abortion mills, can have their unborn babies killed, (by an organization that harvests their organs, tissues and muscles), just because they are an inconvenience to our selfish life styles.

IMG_4773I love animals.  They are a great gift to us from God and they need to be respected.  But they do not have eternal souls and for that reason they may be killed to be eaten and used to get other necessary things from them, like furs.  We do not abuse them, or kill them, just for the fun of it.