Catholic Christendom # 2

Catholic Christendom means a part of the world where the Catholic Church had great influence and power over religion, governments and politics.   It means that Jesus Christ is the King over the Church and government.  Jesus Christ deserves this power over all the Church, states, people, and things because first;

  • He created us and the Universe,
  • He purchased us, (redeemed us), from the devil, by dying on the cross.
  • He made all things new in Him.

crucifixJesus relegates His power and authority to His vicar on earth, the pope.  He is to be the prime minister who is head over a hierarchical Church consisting of cardinals, bishops, abbots, abbesses, religious and priests.  These delegates are meant to have temporal authority over emperors, kings, queens, princes, mayors etc.  Religious authorities rank first, then emperors, then empresses, kings, queens, princes, and on and on down the authority line.Crusaders_annoucement_2

Men have been given by God authority over their wives and families to love them, to keep them Catholic, to protect and to provide for them.  Mothers have authority over their children and the eldest sibling has authority over younger ones.  (You still find Catholic belief when Hispanics confess; ‘not respecting or obeying their elders’).

The only country on earth where there is still any vestige of this, is the Vatican State.  Other than this tiny State, there is no longer any other place.  There were places where the Catholic Church still had influence in the government.  But that has since changed.  The masons have systematically infiltrated every country where this Catholic influence was.  They accomplished this through what is call ‘filibusters’, (which is to put slowly masons in government positions and then to overthrow the government and pass laws and constitutions against the Catholic Church).

masonic-mass-3Mason receiving the Body Of Christ.

In their book, ‘The Freemasons in America: Inside the Secret Society’ by H Paul Jeffers, you read about this happening in Florida, Louisiana and Texas.  Where the masons are, there you will find the star or what is really a pentagram.  iuThe pentagram is the five pointed star represented the earth, air, fire, water and spirit that wiccans use.  Remember they believe in a new age spirituality and their magazine here in the USA was called that.  They put the pentagram star in the USA flag.  Texas is know as the lone star state.gw_apron_with_blue_background_1George Washington’s Masonic Apron with pentagon to the right. 

So what most traditional Catholics would think of when they say Christendom, is a hope that someday, by a miracle, there will be a return to Catholicism and governments like what was lived in Emperor Charlemagne’s time.  In the mean time, it is simple a dream and a personal commitment to Christ the King in our families.

They believe, in and try to live, this hierarchical authority paradigm in their traditional Catholic parishes to some extent and in their homes where the man is the head of his family.  You can still see some traces of this in the vow of obedience religious take to obey their superior.

This is greatly emphasized by the Society of St. Pius X.  They keep in mind that Jesus has been dethroned in the Church and in society.  They attempt to live this in their parishes and families.  Christ surrounded by angels_Antwerp, Kininklijk Museum voor Shone Kunsten_1480s

Michael Davies wrote a great small book on Christendom called; ‘The Reign of Christ the King’.

We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and to know that Jesus is our King and that we love Him and want to obey Him.  He, God. is a powerful King who protects those who live under His rule and obey Him.  It would be heaven if we had holy people in authority in the Church and in government with whom we could obey and work for the good of society.  We could use all the money to build beautiful churches, we could have free Catholic schools, hospitals, orphanages, libraries, retreat houses, parks and homes.

Our society under secular and masonic leaders is not working.  We live in the illusion that we live under democratic government.  No, the two parties are just two big shows.  They both are run by the people behind the scenes.  We get all excited to try to elect Romney, because he is the lesser of two evils.  He is the one who made government medical care mandatory in Massachusetts.  Look what ‘Justice’ Roberts did in the Supreme Court.

When the French Revolution armies stormed the Bastille in July 14, 1789, they found 7 people, 4 forgers, 2 mad men and 1 pedophile.  Under this ‘great Democratic system’ we have millions of people in prisons here in the United States.

Long Live Christ The King.  Que Viva Cristo Rey.