Catholic Christendom Explained Part 1

Because most traditional Catholic believe in Christendom, (and are praying for its restoration), I think it is of utmost importance at this time in history to study the meaning and historical development of Christendom.  It is of great importance now as we have seen the Supreme Court of the USA and democratic voting tear down God’s laws and replacing them with man’s laws.

Christ KingI will attempt to do this by using the 1914 Catholic Encyclopedia article on Christendom, other sources and my own knowledge, to explain;

  • What the word Catholic Christendom means.
  • Where it comes from in the Bible.
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  • Its Christian Catholic beginning in the Roman Empire under Constantine.
  • The destruction of the Roman Empire by the Barbarians.
  • The muslim conquest of the major part of Christendom.
  • Its golden time under Charlemagne in Northern Europe.
  • Its expansion.
  • Its growth to be beyond just one nation and one language.
  • Its comparison with Christendom under an emperor and the monarchy.
  • The great influence of Monasticism on it in the time of St. Bernard.
  • The crusades effect of protecting, unifying and dividing Christendom.
  • The development from God’s laws, to Canon laws, (Church laws), and Christendom’s demise when countries developed their own civil laws.
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  • How corruption, worldliness and nepotism of popes, cardinals, bishops and clergy wrought havick on Christendom.
  • St. Joan of Arc’s locutions to lead men in war for Christendom.
  • The constant struggle between God’s rights, Church rights and governments rights.
  • Luther’s revolution that dealt the last blow to Christendom in Europe.
  • King Louis XIV of France ignores Jesus’ invitation to help restore Christendom in 1684 by not honoring His Kingly Sacred Heart.
  • The French Revolution against Christendom.
  • The Vendee’s counter revolution in France.
  • President Moreno’s attempt to rule Ecuador under Christendom, (1860).
  • The 1917 atheistic revolution of Russia that spread its error all over the world.
  • The Cristeros attempt to bring about Christendom in Mexico in 1927.
  • The spiritualization of the concept of Christendom and that moved away from the temporal Kingship of Jesus.
  • The pope’s encyclicals on Christendom.
  • Where are we know.
  • What can we do to restore Christendom in our temporal world.

Some of you, who read this, have never heard of the concrete temporal ruling of Jesus Christ King, through the Catholic Church over emperors and Governments.  These emperors are given power from God through His Church, to enforce God’s laws in government and society.

crusades_discovery_of_true_crossThe Finding And Veneration Of The True Cross Jerusalem.

But there are also those of you who possibly know much more than I do about Christendom.  But we all are concerned about what is happening today as we see the attempt to change or remove God’s laws in the Church, (Synod), in governments, (Supreme Court), in society and in our families.

We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics who desire our Loving Lord, Jesus Christ King rule over our souls, families, Church, society and governments.  We know that atheistic governments and court rulings are not making society better or our world safer.  God can.