Traditional Catholic Priests, Please God, Not Men

70massWhen we traditional Catholic priests preach at the New Mass, you can see and feel the uneasiness in some of the parishioners faces and body language.  A few get up and walk out mad.  Some never come back.  Some stay and backstab the priest by gossiping with their friends.  Some write or go see the bishop to get the priest in trouble.  All because they speak the Gospel truth.

vaticanIIHot button issues we priests get in trouble for preaching on which the Catholic Church condemns of are;

  • divorce,
  • abortion,
  • birth control,
  • homosexual sex,
  • homosexual ‘marriage’,
  • dressing immodestly,
  • supporting pro murder/abortion political candidates,

women priestsHe also gets in trouble if he preaches on:

  • that women cannot be ordained priests,
  • hell,
  • telling people they cannot receive Holy Communion if they do not go to Mass on a regular basis, have mortal sin, are living together in sin, or are not Catholic,
  • that the Latin Mass is more respectful and pleasing to God,
  • saying, (what is said in Vatican II documents), that Latin is the language of the Roman Catholic Church,
  • Introducing Latin into the Novus Ordo Mass.

Just the opposite in true of the Latin Mass.  Most people love the truth and are sad when the priest lacks the faith and guts to speak it, (even when it means he could get in trouble with the diocese he is in).

Many Latin Mass parishes are in liberal diocese.  These priests are happy that they are even allowed to say the Latin Mass.  So, in order to be able to keep on offering this mass, the priests have to be very afraid that someone may spy on him and report his homily to the bishop to get him in trouble.  When these spies come they also have to see, how many young people love the Latin Mass, how reverent, well behaved the children of large families are, and all the other people who are filling the churches.

When we were in the seminary, were told by holy Catholics; stay quiet so you’re not kicked out of the seminary for being rigid and orthodox.  Then when we get ordained, we will be able to speak the truth and preach the Catholic faith.  But then, when we were ordained, our pastor was constantly watching what we did, if we might wear a cassock, and what we might preach on.  So then we were told to be quiet till we became pastors.  Once we became pastors, the diocese and bishop were watching everything we did, said and wore.

So, the results were that we priests compromised our values, lived in fear of getting in trouble and were shunned by the diocese and other priests.
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 Being silent about the Gospel and 2000 years of Catholic teaching never works.  Crucifix_Hi_Res

Worst of all, when we priests are silent, we offended Jesus, who called us to be His priest to serve Him.  His last words were; Go and preach all I have taught you’.

The prophets also did not want to speak up.  And they sure paid for it from the Jewish clergy and the political forces of their time.  Jesus too, was cruelly arrested, beaten, scourged, judged, condemned and crucified by the clergy and the political forces of His time.

It is a matter of fact that our Church is becoming more and more liberal.  For a while ‘the Pope John Paul and Pope Benedict effect’ was helping bishops and priests to be more orthodox, (Neo-Cats).

So, what is the solution to this problem of getting in trouble;

  • every time you open you mouth,
  • or put the tabernacle back in the center,
  • or introduce latin,
  • or gregorian chant,
  • or put up a sign that asks for respect to God in the Church?
  • or God forbid, you may want to start offering Mass in Latin or Ad Orientem.

The solution is to have great faith in God, not in the bishop, priests or people.  Jesus warned us in advance, before we became priests; ‘woe to you when all speak well of you.  This is how they treated the false prophets.’  We are to pray and remind ourselves that we are priests to serve God, to please God, not people.  Anyway it is impossible to please people because their likes and dislikes are changing all the time along with the hedonistic culture they are constantly submerged in.

Crucifixion_Nagasaki_1597We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and to have read the Bible and how the true prophets were treated.  We are so blessed to read the Roman Martyrology and see how our older Catholic brothers and sisters were treated and tortured to death for truth.  We are so blessed to have a passion for our faith in God and His Church.  A love and passion for God and His Laws that gives us the grace to suffer for speaking the truth.

In the end, God will judge us, not men.  Let us beware of God’s eternal sentence and try to forget men’s temporal judgement.   At every Holy Mass, I pray for all the priests and people who are suffering right now at the hands of their bishops, superiors, priests, feminist and other people for speaking and practicing the 2000 year old Catholic faith founded by Jesus Christ our King.

Thank you bishops, priests, religious and laity who are preaching Jesus’ Gospel in spite of all the suffering you receive for doing that.  ‘Rejoice and be glad, for your reward will be great in HEAVEN.’ Jesus.