Today, Millions In Communist Forced Labor Camps

As the pope congratulates marxist ‘christians’ for there ‘fight’ for the rights of the poor, I have yet to hear him, or other cardinals, condemning the horrors that are going on right now, as I write this, in China, North Korea, Vietnam and Cuba. abortoI too care about the poor and have spent many years helping the poor in Santa Cruz California, Mexico, the Philippines and Brazil.  My parents helped the poor all their life.  As a traditional Catholic, I totally believe that we should help the poor.  I learned that from Jesus who said; ‘Sell your possessions and give to the poor.’  ‘Store up for yourself treasure in heaven, where neither rust, moths or thieves can take them.’  Over and over again, we read about the saints who cared for the poor.

But, there is no one poorer right now, than the baby in the womb who has nothing, not even a right to live, (if her mother so happens to want to kill her).  Just look at Plannedmurderhood selling murdered babies parts.  The poor are targeted by plannedmurderhood and governments to have their children killed or to be sterilized.  Killing babies is more ‘cost efficient’ than supporting them on welfare.  Yet the pope says; ‘Let’s not talk about abortion and birthcontrol,’ (which leads to abortion).  Yes, at times, he has spoken against this mass murdering.  abort

I do not understand how any Catholic or christian can not keep on talking about this extremely evil thing going on right now.  And China, communist, to “help the poor” are the major killers with their 1 child policy.  You hardly ever hear any Catholic leader speak about this either.

iuHere is a report on the Chinese suffering in forced labor camps, (many Catholics are in there right now for not joining the National Catholic Church).

‘Wu reported that as many as eight million people “suffer inside these camps.” They are “forced to labor. If they do not, they will starve. If they do not produce their quota, they will be fed less food, and often are beaten. If the quality of their work is not up to what the guards demand, they will be punished.” Chinese goods have flooded the American market in recent years, but how can we know which goods are produced by prison labor? “You name it, and it is manufactured in a Laogai camp,” says Wu. “Steel pipe, shoes, artificial flowers, toys, hand tools, machines of all kinds, chemicals, clothing, even soap and perfume. Minerals are mined. Cotton, tea, grapes, and other foods are grown.”Wu offered words of warning to U.S. officials and American businessmen bent on cozying up to the Communists. “You must understand that the Chinese government lies all the time. It lies to its own people. It lies to other governments. There are small lies, and big lies. But they are lies,” said Wu. “They lie and say there are no political prisoners in China. They lie and say they do not export missiles to Iran and Pakistan.” Wu stated that the Chinese government “cannot survive without lying. The Communist Party’s members lie to themselves. Nobody really believes in Communism any longer in China. They believe in power. They are desperate for power. It is this combination of lying and desperation, along with incredible instability, which mix together in a dangerous way for the people of China, and for United States policy.”  Northstar report

Sin causes poverty.

  • Rich men’s greed,
  • wars,
  • high taxes,
  • government leaders desire for power,
  • banks charging interest,
  • corporations greed,
  • unfair low wages,
  • the stock market, (of which the Vatican and USA dioceses invest heavily in),
  • alcohol,
  • drugs,
  • laziness,
  • having sex and children out of wedlock,
  • divorce,
  • irresponsibility men and women who do not care for the children they engender.

We can help make the world a more just place by obeying God’s laws and bringing back Christendom.  There, the Church and Government work together, (under God’s laws), to care for the everyone, including the poor, education, schools, hospitals and the Church.