Traditional Catholic Ship Never Sinks

Jesus calming the storm_Rembrandt“At times the bark of Peter, favored by the winds, goes happily forward; at
other times it appears to be swallowed up by the waves and on the point of
being lost. Has not this ship always aboard the Divine Pilot who knows when
to calm the angry waves and the winds? And who is it but Christ Himself Who
alone is all-powerful, who brings it about that every persecution which is
launched against the faithful should react to the lasting benefit of the
Church? As St. Hilary writes, ‘it is a prerogative of the Church that she is
the vanquisher when she is persecuted, that she captures our intellects when
her doctrines are questioned, that she conquers all at the very moment when
she is abandoned by all.’”―Pope Pius XI on the persecution of the Church in

“And what about Noah, did he wait till the end of the flood to build his
Ark?”―Fr. Mateo.