Pray, Before All Else Fails

Most times, when something is going wrong, or I lose something, I forget to immediately stop and pray.  There is the saying, ‘When all else fails, pray’.  But it should be, ‘pray, before all fails’.  I have another saying; ‘pray a little, save a lot’, (of effort, headaches and money).
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F9195There is another saying that should also be reflected on to remind us to pray when things are not going well.  It is ‘Brain over Brawn.’  When I was a child, my dad would often remind me of this.
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 What this means is that before you get out and work hard to accomplish some task you need to do, it is of utmost importance to stop, think, analyze and plan, (use your brain), before you put your strength, (muscles), into action and start working to accomplish your goal.  It is using your mental fortitude and ability before acting.

So, prayer is like the large pry bar that can move more than you could with your mere strength.  It is like the winch and pulley system that can easily lift enormous weights.

4474921735_2b5b4f46a3Brains over Brawn

God is infinitely smarter, (brains), and stronger than we are, (faith can move mountains).  So, using our brains, tells us to pray first before doing our part to try to resolve the problem or find the lost item.

We also have been taught by Jesus to have faith in God’s miraculous power before praying for His help.  We also know that if God is going to help us, it sure helps if we are living holy lives.  And when every we ask for something in prayer, we need to include, ‘If it is You will’.

Then when God helps us out, it is absolutely important to stop, reflect on what God did for us, and get down on our knees and thank Him over and over again.  God’s miracles obtained through faith and prayer have saved us so much headaches, money and time.  Therefore it is of utter importance to use some of the time and money to thank Him.  God sees into the future, because He is and there is no future for Him.  So He knows before we pray for His help, if we are going to be really thankful for Him rescuing us from our big and small problems.  demons

We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and to have recourse to God, Mary, St. Joseph, the angels and saints every instant of our lives.