Traditional Catholic Internet Use, The Good, The Bad

Our brains are great gifts from God.  We have a God given drive to learn things and to improve things.  But we also have the weak human nature that is attracted to darkness, the weird, the scary, sex and the unknown.
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 I cannot say how important it is to take the proverb; Curiosity killed the cat, seriously.curiosity-killed-the-cat

The devil tempted Eve by telling her to eat the forbidden fruit to know as much as God knew.  She noticed that ‘the fruit was good to look at’.  So, to experience the good and the bad, she fell into the devil’s deadly trap.  Adam soon followed her lead.  We, their children, are extremely vulnerable too.

So we have these great tools, that have been highly developed, that are; the Internet, the smart phone, emails, computers, tablets, iPads, GPS and many other fancy, expensive, gadgets.  In and of themselves, they are good.  But what we do with them, or how we use them, will make all the difference.  They are great helpers to communicate, to keep in contact, to find places, to learn and to share our Catholic faith with others.  curiosity_killed_the_cat_by_gnuchi-d59th2z

The down side is how easily they can lead us to sin, especially seeing pornography.  The hard fact is that right now, as I write this, children, teenagers and adults are spending a great deal of time looking at sexual pictures and videos.  Right now, children, teenagers and adults are being photographed and exploited sexually to be put online.

Sexual curiosity is a strong sinful drive.  Sexual pleasure is constantly being sought after by almost every person today.  The internet, accessed through the smart phone, makes pornography super available.

The other dangerous part of using virtual technology is the government and the illuminati collecting everything we do through the internet.  When Snowden blew the whistle, it caused an uproar for a few days.  Then, the USA just went right on snooping on everything we write, see, photograph and post.  I have a book on the illuminati.  They brag that they are the ones who developed and promoted all this technology and the internet so that they could watch us to ‘keep us safe’.

CrusaderChurchSt. John Chrysostom said that a child is like a walled city with 5 gates.  These 5 gates are the senses.  The Church and parents need to watch what goes in, (information, movies, music, school), and who goes in, (friends, teachers, family members).  We never want to allow the plague to enter and destroy the city, (the child’s innocence).
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But we too are also temples of the Holy Spirit.  We do not want to become temples of the evil spirit.  As soon as we see pornography, dirty sexual demons come into our soul, our parishes, our homes and our families.  We are responsible for bringing the virus into our souls, those around us and our environment.

Every email, text message, photo, (many people send their naked picture to their boyfriends and girlfriends), phone call conversation is saved out there in cyber space.  Are we proud or ashamed, before others and before God, for what we have used the internet for?  Hopefully we have only used it for the Glory of God, to save souls, spread the Catholic faith, teach the Catholic faith and keep in touch with family and friends in a holy way.

The computer, cell phone and the internet are great tools to be used for God.  But we traditional Catholics know to be extremely careful with this powerful tool.  It can be used for good or it can turn on us and devour us like a lion.  May we pray to use it for the Greater Glory of God and nothing else.