Judge The Tree, Good or Bad, By Its Fruits

Most people, including the pope, say; ‘who am I to judge?’  Well, it just happens to be Jesus Himself who tells us to JUDGE THE TREE BY ITS FRUITS.  But, we too can be politically correct and still get Jesus’ message across.  Instead of saying the ‘JUDGING’ word, lets just let the fruits speak for themselves.  SawingTreeLimbHeisSittingOn

‘By their fruits you shall know them.  A good tree can not bring forth evil fruit, neither can an evil tree bring forth good fruit.’  Matthew 7:17

This passage, about trees and fruits, comes in the context of when Jesus is warning us about false prophets who are really ‘ravening wolves in sheep’s clothing.

So what is the tree?  What kind of fruits do we see today?  And who are the false prophets dressed in sheep’s clothing?

vaticanIIWe can begin with the tree of Vatican II.  No matter what intention was behind Vatican II, good, indifferent or evil, the question is still valid, were the fruits of Vatican II good, indifferent or bad?  If the fruits are bad, than the tree has to be bad.  If the fruits are good then the tree is good.  It is that simple.

The fruits we traditional Catholics see are;

  • Hardly any vocations to the priesthood or religious life vs before when they could not build seminaries or convents fast enough.
  • Massive leaving of the priesthood and religious life after.
  • No more missionaries because most Catholics believe all religions have the same God and are equal.
  • Everything is relative.
  • Silence on communism after 125 million people where murdered for it.
  • 40% of Catholics have join another religion.
  • Almost all Catholics no longer believe in or obey many on the Church’s 2000 year old teachings that condemn birthcontrol, sex before marriage, homosexual sex and divorce.  Before you had large families and hardly any divorce.  People sinned, but they knew it was sin.
  • Closing of Catholic schools.  Poor children could go.   Before there was waiting list to get in the Catholic Schools and they were being built as fast as they could be.  Religious ran them with no salary.  Now almost all are rich children who go.  ‘Catholic’ universities teach against Church teachings.
  • Theologians, popes, bishops, religious and priests question everything that was held dogma before.  They justify it by calling it ‘desenting’.   Before they were called heretics and were silenced.
  • Catholic Hospitals helped the poor and obeyed Church teaching on abortion, tubal ligation and birthcontrol.  Now they are again for the upper middle class.
  • Feminist religious want to be priests. Many cardinals, bishops, priests and laity support these women in their desire to change Jesus’ decision to have a male only priesthood.
  • Most of us, (from the United States and Europe), no longer have any family members who are Catholics because they have become atheists, protestant or nothing.  Before, I can say for my family, it was Catholic since they were converted from the Roman pagan religion almost 2000 years ago.  After all those years, my family is now no longer Catholic.
  • Churches are empty in Europe.  People are old who do go to church.  Priests are old.  Churches are beings sold off.  Before the churches were full.  People went to mass on Sundays.  Land was being purchased and new Churches were being built.
  • Every Sunday mass is divided between different languages and likes.  Before all over the world the Latin Mass was the same, (except for those who were Byzantine).
  • Today the pope is just one among many of the bishops.  It is called ‘collegiality’.  Each bishop is his own king over his diocese.  Before the Vatican ruled and the pope was the visible head of the church.
  • Studies show that most Catholics no longer believe that the Holy Eucharist is truly Jesus’ Body and Blood.  Long lines for Holy Communion, hardly any confessions.  Before there were so many Eucharistic processions and Benedictions.  A Catholic would not dare receive Jesus in mortal sin.
  • Catholics no longer consider sin sin, so they have no need for confession.  People went to confession every week.  Everyone is confused.
Pope Francis greets New York Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan, president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, at the Vatican Oct. 7. Leaders of the USCCB were at the Vatican for an annual meeting. (CNS photo/L'Osservatore Romano) (Oct. 7, 2013)
Pope Francis greets New York Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan, president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, at the Vatican Oct. 7. Leaders of the USCCB were at the Vatican for an annual meeting. (CNS photo/L’Osservatore Romano) (Oct. 7, 2013)

I do not write much about the pope.  It is obvious that something is dreadfully wrong in Rome today.   But, again, we do not need to judge him.  All we need to do is look at the fruits.  Let us simply let his fruits speak for themselves.

  • A thriving, holy and poor orders, (Franciscan Friars and Sisters of the Immaculate) are suppressed.  The founder and good friend of Padre Pio, Fr. Stefano Manelli is on house arrest.
  • The evil media acclaim him the man of the year.
  • Everywhere his speeches are used to suppress anyone in a Catholic school who might teach that abortion, birthcontrol or homosexual sex is wrong.
  • Basically he has said that atheist are saved.
  • He tell a woman to go to communion when she is divorced and living with another man that is not her first husband.
  • His Extraordinary Bishop’s Synod on the family promoting divorced people living with other partners to be able to receive Holy Communion.  And bring the homosexual issue into a synod on the family and looking at them receiving Holy Communion while living in sin.
  • Saying he wants to clean up Vatican Bank and the Church of sex offenders, yet he puts Ricci, (who has a terrible past history), in the Vatican bank.
  • Removing great bishops like Bishop Finn, Bishop Mario Oliverti and other bishops from their dioceses.
  • Confusing Catholics everywhere as to what is Catholic dogma and doctrine and giving the impression that it can be change.

Although I agree about his concern for the poor and the need for mercy, I totally disagree with what he says that causes confusion to the people who listen to him and look up to him when it comes to what he says about morals and salvation.  There are SPIRITUAL WORKS OF MERCY, (saving souls), AND CORPORAL WORKS OF MERCY, (helping the poor). vatican-2-openedVatican II opened the Church, and the people have left.

I have read about, and personally heard, many liberal cardinals, bishops, religious and priests who criticized the popes who came before Pope Francis.  But If you dare happen to criticize ‘their pope’, you are not Catholic and classified bad.

I will, as I began this blog with, say; let the fruits decide.  I will leave the fruits to speak for themselves.  In that way, I will not be judged for having judged our pope.  But I will never leave the Catholic Church or say he is not the pope.  I read somewhere on a sedevecantist  blog, that Catholics like me are; ‘Beating our pope and having him too.’

We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and to love, pray and work for the conversion of our pope.  At the same time we too know that we are not perfect and need a deeper conversion as well.