Last Day Traditional Catholic Summer School

I am exhausted after these two weeks of Traditional Catholic Summer School.  We had two brothers 6 and 8 who are super super hyperactive.  Others who do not know how to obey and get irritated when ever they are corrected.  Thanks be to God we had the video camera going that could prove that they were in the wrong.  God has a video camera rolling all the time too.  We will see if He was wrong, or if we were wrong, in our beliefs and behavior when we will have all eternity to go over every second of our lives with God.


One of the boys wore this shirt to School today.  HIs mom bought it for him.  It say exactly where teenagers and children are at.  All they do is sleep, play video games and eat, (till they get into pornography and sex).  And they are tired all the time too.  And the problem begins with their parents who allow them to do it and buy these electronic devices for them.

IMG_4735But all in all, it was a great success, (the girls were great), (some of the boys were great too, they have a lot of energy).  Today, the field next to the basketball court was flooded.  Some of the boys had to wade in to get the ball and get their pants, shoes and socks soaking wet.  But they did learn a lot.

The young men and women who helped with the Summer School were fantastic.  One young man said he learned so much about having patience with children.
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 You can say that again, I did too.

I have a great amount of pictures of the Cristeros laminated.  We passed them around quite a few times and finished off the School with the movie “For Greater Glory”.  If you have not seen this movie, it is a must for all Catholics, especially with what we are facing now with the Laws being passed against God.imagesimagesWell, at least we saw more than half of it.  It was great, because Jose Luis was learning to leave the bad behind and to become an altar boy.

They continued to work on the Youtube video.  It is going well too. IMG_4762We ended today with a potluck.   IMG_4763 IMG_4693 IMG_4690The twin altar boys, (who served at The Holy Latin Mass today), turned 11 today too.