Beware Of Movies On Charlie And Minions

A Latin Mass altar server came to me to tell me what happened at the last day of Public School summer school.  He watched three children were playing Charlie Charlie.  One of the pencils fell on the ground.  The girl who was playing it, picked it up and began to stab herself with the pencil.

At Novus Ordo Baptisms I spoke about Charlie Charlie and a lot of the children and young adults began smiling and talking to each other, (which means they know a lot about it or they are actually playing it).

hqdefaultFor you who think that minions are good, look at this picture I found on Duck Duck Go.  You can see the connection between the minions and the demons.  When I typed in Charlie Charlie movie, only a few things came up on that.  Mostly what came up were things on Charlie Brown.  What a total difference.  Before children and youth like Charlie Brown.  Now they like scary devils and skulls.

With trepidation, I looked at the trailer of the Charlie Charlie movie in Spanish. The questions the young man asked to the demon, show what youth want to know.  Are they attractive?  Are the attractive to get a girl/boy friend?  They are very attracted to the paranormal activity.  When ever I talk about exorcisms, all the good and bad youth are very interested.

iuNotice the blood running down from the letters.  You see this a lot today.

I also looked at a Youtube on Charlie Charlie Gallows.  It showed a noose, it said this is for you; basically telling someone to commit suicide.  I am not sure if this is even the movie that is coming out, but a lot of the children in the Traditional Catholic Summer School told me a movie is coming out.  They must be seeing the ads on TV.

We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and to have God, Mary, Angels and saints to help us.  We do not need to know the future from demons or dead people.  We know enough.  God is in charge of the present moment and the future.  We trust in Him.