7 Holy Brothers Martyrs July 10

Felicity and her seven sonsAt Rome, in the persecution of Marcus Aurelius Antoninus, seven brothers, the sons of St.
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Felicity, were tempted in vain by the Prefect Publius to venerate idols. On the 10th of July, encouraged by their brave mother, they were put to death in various ways: Januarius was scourged with leaded whips; Felix and Philip were beaten with clubs; Silvanus was thrown headlong from a high place; Alexander, Vitalis, and Martialis were beheaded. Finally, four months afterwards, their mother gained the same palm of martyrdom. The Roman virgins Rufina and Secunda were sisters, and since they refused to marry Armentarius and Verinus because they had vowed their virginity to Christ, they were arrested during the reigns of the emperors Valerian and Gallienus.


Junius the Prefect was unsuccessful in winning them from their determination by promises and threats, and so they were afflicted with various tortures. Protected by Angels, they persevered in their holy resolution, and they were finally beheaded at the tenth milestone on the Aurelian Way.
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Their bodies were buried by the matron Plautilla on her estate outside the City and later laid in the Basilica of Constantine near the baptistery.  1960 Roman Breviary