Mary’s Traditional Catholic Virtues

Our Lady is a great model for us traditional Catholics to follow.  If we truly try to develop these virtues, we will have a very happy, peaceful and fruitful life.

Mary, Mother of God (3)Profound Humility: There is, and never will be another, such a great person as the Virgin Mary.  Yet, with her greatness, she remained completely humble.  She answered the Archangel Gabriel by saying she was the slave or handmaid of the Lord.  Let us be honest, and recognize that we are full of pride.  We want to be recognized, adulated and the center of attention.

Lively Hope: No matter how bad things were, Mary had hope that God would bring good things, eventually.  She encouraged everyone around her by giving them hope in God’s goodness.  We get easily discouraged, we are always in a bad mood because things are not going the way we want them.  We need an active hope in the great plans God has for us.

Blind Obedience: Mary lived to serve and obey God.  She quickly would do what God wanted.  Never did she rebel as the devil and Eve did.  Because of her trust in God’s goodness, it was easy for her to obey Him, knowing the it was necessary for God’s plan to be fulfilled.  Lets be honest, we are very rebellious and disobedient.  We want our way.  We do not mind sinning many times over.  Sin is simply rebelling against God’s law, which in other words is disobeying Him.

Constant Prayer:  Mary loved God and enjoyed speaking with Him all day long.  Prayer was her food.  We pray at times.  We would much rather be watching TV or doing something else than praying.  Let us pray that we can see prayer as a good, not an obligation that we have to complete.  Praying is simple talking with God all day long, at home, at work, at school, driving, playing, eating and resting.

Mortification: Mary had died to her self and lived for God.  She did not let her passions or her desires to rule her actions.  She submitted all to serving God.  We are anything but mortified.  We always are looking for something to gratify us.  We need sweets, rest, food, gum, music, shopping and sex.  We can never get enough sensual pleasures.  So it is very hard to discipline our bodies, our eyes, our tongue and our mind.

Divine Purity: Mary was a virgin in her body, soul and heart.  At a very young age children are entering into sexual activity and pornography.  Then as teenagers it only increases.  It is so difficult to stay pure.  We need to tell everyone when they are young: ‘Value your virginity, Value your sexual purity, Value your innocence.’

Ardent Charity: Mary was loving and kind.  Those virtues are rarely found today.  Most people are selfish, rude and mean.  Love of God and of neighbor are extremely important aspects of being Catholic.  But it is so so so difficult.  But we practice it little by little.  We remind ourselves every morning and every time we receiving Holy Communion, that we are here to love. Love making things beautiful.  But to love is very difficult.

Heroic Patience: Mary knew God was good, so she could wait for Him to work.  She also was patient with other people.  She did not have to rush and be rude because she only did what God asked, not all the other unnecessary things that we like to fill our lives with.  Calming down, breathing deeply and prayer helps us become more patient.

Angelic Sweetness:  Mary was a pleasure to be with.  We are grouches at times.  Most people are grumpy and manipulating.  Mary’s sweetness was contagious.

Divine Wisdom:  Because Mary meditated on God’s Word, she had God’s wisdom to guide her.  The Holy Spirit wants to give us divine wisdom too.  Every time we read the Bible, we gain that Divine Wisdom.  Every time we listen to a holy priest or friend we gain wisdom.

We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and to want to practice virtues that lead us to God and not vices that lead us to the devil.