Traditional Catholic Summer School Day 7

Today we discussed spreading the Gospel and the Catholic Faith.  Jesus began with only 12 Apostles and 72 disciples.  TheDepartureoftheApostles1845byCharHe taught them for 3 years.  They then, with the power of the Holy Spirit, converted much of the Roman Empire.

top_of_statue_of_saints_cyril_and_methodius_in_tc599ebc3adc48dWe then went to see how in the 9th Century, two real brothers, St.
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Cyril and Methodius, left their wealthy family to convert Yugoslavia, Hungry, Czechoslovakia, Poland and Russia.

Then we went to 1519, when the Spanish missionaries arrived in Mexico.  At first they had very little success, till Our Lady of Guadalupe appeared on December 12, 1531 and converted millions to the true Faith.

Aspectos de las ejecucionesWe then went over the Cristero counterrevolution in 1926-29 in Mexico when President Plutarco Elias Calles tried to destroy the Catholic faith there.  We asked ourselves if we were willing to be imprisoned, property confiscated, fined, tortured and killed just for our Catholic faith.  Sadly many of the relatives of these Mexican martyrs have come here to the United States and left the Catholic faith that their relatives died for.  When they die, they will see that they gave up the true Catholic faith that their families died for, to join a heretical religion that felt good.  The masons and the Federal Government did all this to destroy the Catholic faith, and yet did absolutely nothing to the protestants and other heretical religions in Mexico.

IMG_1374.JPGThe girls made aprons.  I explained to them what aprons are for: so that you do not get your clothes dirty when you work.  I told them to go home and explain to their mothers that they now have aprons to help out cooking, cleaning and washing the dishes.

IMG_1372.JPGThese girls cooked the spaghetti for our lunch, Thank You Girls.

I also have had the boys go home everyday and help their parents too.  One mother said her son has completely changed and she is very grateful for that.  He said he likes helping because it makes his mother happy.

IMG_4604The older helpers are still working on a video to put on Youtube about our Traditional Catholic Summer School.

IMG_4602Finally we had all the children write down what they are afraid of.  I reminded them of what my dad told me when I was a boy and afraid: “don’t forget to put yourself in the hands of God, He will protect you.’