Traditional Catholic Summer School Day 3

We began with a Missa Cantata for the Solemnity of the Precious Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ.  Then breakfast and sports.IMG_4352

After Gregorian Chant classes, the boys began learning the Holy Rosary in Latin.  IMG_4364Then more on making videos with iMovie.  I video taped the sports.  IMG_4368One great basketball shot was recorded and a boy falling down in soccer and someone helping him up.  We put those on the screen and showed the children what we could do iMovie.  We put into slow motion the basketball shot and in dream mode.  The boys loved it.  Then we put the boy falling over and being helped up on slow motion too.

IMG_4393During these days of classes, I have talked a lot about video cameras collecting pictures of us all the time.  We happen to have a video recorder camera in the class room where I am teaching.  So when the boys act up, and I call them on it, most of them deny having done anything wrong.  All I have to do is remind them that the camera is recording them and it will prove that I am wrong and they are lying or denying their bad behavior.  It has really helped.

IMG_4383God is recording every second of our lives on His hidden video recorder camera too.  When we die, we will be reminded of all our bad and good actions.  We easily deny or suppress our sinful actions.
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 We will have a clear refresher of our minds again on our particular judgement day.  IMG_4391Every word we say about others, every lie, every kind thing will also be recorded on the sound track.  Hopefully we will have a lot of good acts of charity there.
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