Traditional Catholic Vacation School, Day 2

I am sorry that I will not be having much time to write on this blog for this week and the next because of the time I am dedicating to the Traditional Catholic Vacation School.  Do not forget I am a parish priest.  So, besides blogging, I need to;reading_the_breviary-400

  • Complete the Latin Breviary’s 8 offices.
  • Pray the Leonine Exorcism prayer.
  • Pray 3 Holy Rosaries.
  • Set up for masses.
  • Offer the masses.
  • Hear Confessions 4 times a week for 2 hrs or more.
  • Baptize.
  • Marry Couples.
  • Answer phone calls.
  • Keep up with text messages.
  • Answer E mails.
  • Bless objects for people.
  • Eat.
  • Rest.
  • Sleep.
  • Exercise.
  • Go to receptions.
  • Counsel people.
  • Teach classes on marriage.
  • Go to Legion of Mary Meeting.

So I blog when I can, as best as time allows.

Today at T. C. Vacation School the boys were learning how to make shoot videos and edit them with iMovie.  One of the young men who are volunteering knows a lot about video editing.  The idea is to get these boys to use the internet to save souls.
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 With all the pornography out there being viewed by Catholic boys and men, it is worth while putting something else out there that is sanctifying .

IMG_4321Girls made hot salsa from scratch.  IMG_4153Showing the girls how to chop fast.  I learned this cooking at St. Francis Catholic Kitchen.  Besides learning to cook, the girls started to learn how to sew.  IMG_4151 IMG_4328 IMG_4327 IMG_4326The idea is that they can enjoy creating and sewing their own clothes.  They are also learning how to easily add on length to skirts or dresses they buy to make them modest.

For the boys I try to tell them that lazy boys who do nothing but watch TV and play video games become fat and stupid.  That may seen harsh, but it is true.  Boys were never meant to be sedentary.  So I daily go over the priorities for each boy, girl, man or woman.

  1. Prayer.  Most important, but the most difficult and least loved or performed activity.
  2. Learn. At this age, (3-24), the next main activity should be learning.  Daniel, (the music director and teacher here at St. Catherine’s), said a very important thing; ‘In order to learn you must be able to listen’.  Summer breaks are fine but not to be used to be lazy and sleep all day and be up all night.
  3. Work.  Everyday there should be some work.  Right now, the children are told to go home and do some work.  We ask what they did the next day.  A few are helping out their parents.
  4. Play and Exercise.  There always should be some time to recreate.  Playing is wonderful, but after you have finished your other responsibilities.  Playing is the easiest good habit to teach these boys.
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Horacio turned 17 today.  May God bless this wonderful traditional Catholic young man.IMG_4329