Abortion + Birth Control + Homosexuals = No Children

Modern Man seems bent on self destruction.  Society, the Supreme Court and Obamacare are all driven by the belief that sex should not produce children.   All the media is super charged over the supporting of getting rid of babies in the womb, birth control and homosexuality.

IMG_8923Recent statistics in the United States show that the white race is getting older and older.  Why?  Because they were the first to start using birth control.  In 2013, for the first time in a hundred years, there were more deaths of White people than births.

Presently, the youngest race is made up of Hispanics.  But it will not be long before they too will be aging as they have adopted the same mentality; ‘un wanted pregnancy should end in death of the baby’ and ‘after 2 children, any more children are an unnecessary financial burden’.  

In Europe, as here in the USA, the only way schools are kept open, is because of immigrants.  Europe and the USA are from where the whole eugenic concept of controlling ‘the population of low life in minorities’ by birth control came from. And when birth control didn’t work every time, they came up with the plan B; kill the baby.

IMG_8139Their imperialistic mentality reached out to all the world to make sure that all countries pushed birth control, sterilization and baby killing, especially in all the Third World countries.  They did this legally and illegally.  Many women were sterilized without their consent.

God’s greatest gift, here on earth, are children.  They bring joy to everyone around them.  They bring meaning to their parents.  They are always coming up with some new thing that blows our minds.  Many children take away loneliness from their parents and their brothers and sisters.  They also are able to be at their brothers and sisters level to play with and teach them.

C003_MannerTwoBoysHomes with one or two children will soon be empty when they go away to College.  They never come back.  Their parents fill up the void with work, television, shopping and taking care of their pets, (their new children).   And everyone thinks that this is normal and wonder why they have to be on antidepressants.
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 Children are God’s healthy antidepressants.

It is impossible for a couple to maintain a healthy relationship without a lot of children.  Each child brings a new beginning in his family.  Children’s love fill up what the spouses are unable to fill up emotionally in each other.  God means for husbands, wives and children to fill up different parts of the hearts of each family member.  Love is not divided in large families, it is multiplied.

7S43_All_Souls_School1Having been raised with 12 brothers and 4 sisters, I know that a large family is not easy.  But God knows best.  There is no greater love, other than God’s love, than that experienced in a healthy large family.

God bless all of you traditional Catholics who are having large families.  I know you are ridiculed and scorned.  I know that financially it is very difficult.  I know how much sacrifices you, dad and mom, are making every second of your day.  But, when all is said and done, you will be blessed here and in heaven forever.