Traditional Catholic Summer School June 29th

Traditional Catholic Summer School (children 6 to 20) begins Monday June 29th thru Friday July 3rd.  It will continue again on Monday July 6th and go thru Friday July 10th.  It begins everyday with Holy Latin Mass at 8:00 am and ends at 2 pm.

IMG_9567Latin Mass begins every morning at St. John Bosco Chapel, 6600 S. Central Ave, Phoenix Az 85042.  This chapel is located a block and a half south of St. Catherine’s Church on  Central Ave.

It is very important that you children come on time for the Holy Latin Mass everyday, (8:00 am).  Some people last year, came after Holy Mass, so they could sleep in.
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 Holy Mass is the most important activity that your children will be participating in each day.  I know that people are lazy, (especially children), during summer vacation.  Most just sleep in late, eat, play video games and watch a lot of TV.
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 This happens because;

  • parents do not want to fight with them,
  • do not enforce good summer discipline,
  • or take time to organize daily positive activities.

Parents, do not forget, ‘Idle hands, (and time), are the devil’s workshop’.