God’s Laws Trampled On By Man’s Laws

On this feast day of Sts. John and Paul, martyrs, the Supreme Court of the United States of America has overthrown democratically passed laws by the people that protected the institution of marriage between a man and a woman.  It declared that same sex couples ‘have a right’ to get ‘married’ anywhere they want in the United States.

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The president praised the Supreme Court’s legislating and enforcing new laws on all Americans as ‘justice that arrives like a thunderbolt’ and that ‘all Americans are created equal’.  Because he is so in favor of breaking down any laws that go against the liberal agenda of killing babies in the womb and homosexual sex.   He actually goes against justice by supporting the Supreme Court when it forces state and local governments to break democratically voted on laws.

Opposing Supreme Court Justice John Roberts said: ‘This court is not a legislature.  Whether same-sex ‘marriage’ is a good idea should be of no concern to us’.  He added that this decision had nothing to do with the Constitution.  Justice Antonin Scalia said that when the Supreme Court imposes their will on states, it is a threat to democracy.

Justice Anthony Kennedy said that there was nothing contained in the court’s ruling that will force religions to condone or perform homosexual ‘wedding’.  Remember, he is Catholic, and was nominated by the conservative president Bush.  At that time we all supported Bush so that he could nominated a Justice who would uphold conservative christian values.  How wrong we all were to believe this.

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For all of us traditional Catholics, we are rightfully angry, upset and depressed over the abuse of power against democracy.  But are not surprised at all.  Ever since the Supreme Court began abusing its power to allow the mass murdering of millions of babies in their mothers wombs under the pretext of a constitutional right to the protection of privacy, their evil power has progressively increased.

Even before this, the Supreme Court masonic Justices have used their power to take rights away from the Catholic Church.

Believe it or not, long time ago, in the United States birth control was illegal and divorce was looked down on.  But since the United States of America was founded on Deism and masonic values of man’s ‘Freedom, Equality and Justice’, we are only reaping the fruits of the seeds first planted here by our founding fathers.

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We traditional Catholics believe in Christendom.  This government system has God as the Supreme Judge and enforces His laws that He has divinely revealed to us through the Holy Bible.  Man can come up with good laws by voting or through legislation, but they must be founded on the Divine Laws that God has given to us.

We know that God’s laws are laws of love that protect us from death, suffering and wars.  Laws enforced on us to break God’s laws will only bring unhappiness, suffering, crime, depression, choas and wars.  The crime, fear and disorder that is all around us right now in our neighborhoods, is the empirical evidence that these laws that go against God’s laws, bring nothing but problems.

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We have compassion for those with same sex attraction.  It is God who condemns homosexual sex.  We humbly agree with Him.

sr_ROSARY-AND-SWORD-225x224Let us pray, especially the Holy Rosary.  God will not be mocked.  Mary will protect her children.