Traditional Catholic Priest’s Letter On Gender Issue In Italy

Add.10546 f.5v Adam and Eve, from the Moutier-Grandval Bible, illuminated in the Carolingian Abbey of St. Martin, Tours, Latin, c.834-843 (vellum)Dear Brothers in the Holy Priesthood and Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
The Italian government is on the verge of passing a law to impose on the schools from the kindergarten level upwards the so called “Gender Ideology” , characterized by its peculiar intellectual and moral baseness which promotes natural and unnatural fornication within a purely hedonistic conception of sexuality.
This shameful and entirely despicable initiative in the very heart-land of Catholic Christendom certainly represents one of the focal points of this the gravest and most profound crisis that the Church and the world has ever known. It will result not only in the corruption and perversion of all our children but will also provoke the avenging fire of Divine wrath on the entire nation.
Well aware that the most powerful weapon against the powers of darkness and the spirit of wickedness in the high places is that of prayer, I have undertaken to offer 30 Holy Masses consecutively (according to the Old Roman Rite) starting on the Feast of St. John the Baptist on the 24th of June and concluding on the Feast of St. Apollinaris, martyr, on the 23rd of July. The intention is to avert this evil by the intercession of Our Blessed Lady, the Mother of God, St Joseph and all the Saints and Martyrs of holy purity, all the Holy Angels especially those of the children likely to be affected and all the Holy Souls in Purgatory .
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I call upon all priests to unite their daily Mass to this intention and all the faithful to attend as many Holy Masses as possible in this period and recite the Holy Rosary for this intention, with confidence, generosity and fervor.
The matter is of utmost importance.
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I impart to all my priestly blessing and remain in the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus.
Your most devoted,
Don Pietro Leone