St. Paulinus June 22

St Paulinus Of Nolast_paulinusSt. Paulinus, born in the year of restored salvation 353 of a very famous Roman family of Bordeaux, acquired the dignity of senator. He was made consul of Nola, but a divine light prompted him to renouce the consulship and return to Bordeaux, where he was baptized by St. Delphinus. Then, giving to the poor the large sum obtained by the sale of his goods, he went to Spain, where he was ordained priest. When he returned to Nola, he built a monastery near the grave of St. Felix and, with the companions who joined him, undertook a most austere cenobitical life. As the fame of his holiness grew, he was elevated to the bishoprick of Nola, in which office he left an example of wonderful devotion, patience, and especially charity. He wrote many works on sacred doctrine and also gained a reputation for eloquence and poetry.
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When Campánia was devastated by the Goths, he used all his goods to feed the poor and redeem captives.iur And later, when the Vandals infested the same region and he had nothing more to give, he gave himself into slavery for the son of a widow, and was taken to Africa. At length, restored to liberty, by the hand of God, he died a peaceful death in the Lord at Nola.  1960 Roman Breviary