Catholic Prayer For Fathers

Prayer For Fathers


Holy Family_with Trinity_WIT, Jacob de 2God, Our Father, from whom all life and authority comes from, help all fathers humbly realize that all they have comes from You.

You have entrusted Your precious life giving faculties to fathers, may they never abuse this great power.

May they, with their wives, accepted all the children that Your love wishes to bestow on them.

May they love their wives and children so that they can live many happy years together with their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

May they be the best of examples to their family in what they say and do.

Please help them to be the holiest spiritual leaders of their families, bring them to Jesus through Mary.  May their children learn from them to go to Holy Mass and pray.

May they shield their wives and children from the devil’s attacks and the evil influence of the world around them.

May they protect their families from bad friends and show them how to live holy lives and obtain holy friends.

May they be firm, yet gentlemen, at the same time.

May they be strict and loving.

May they always encourage praying the Holy Rosary and studying the Bible in their homes and never ever discourage it or be absent from it.

Blessed them with good work, so that they may be good providers and self-sacrificing when it comes to work, yet never over work so that they have time for their families.  May they have all the money they need to take care of their family, but not enough for what ever they and their families want.

Never allow them to spoil their children with too many material things.

Give them the grace to be strong leaders, but humble enough to be able to ask for forgiveness when they have errored.

Above all, let them keep a clear understanding of what is the final destination, for them and their family, the glory and happiness waiting for them in heaven.

God the Father, Have mercy on all fathers.

St. Joseph, pray for all fathers.