St. Juliana Falconieri June 19

iuWhen St. Juliana, of the noble family of the Falconieri, was still in her cradle, her baby lips were heard to utter, without any prompting, the sweet names of Jesus and Mary. Before she was fifteen years old, she renounced a rich inheritance and an earthly wedding and took a solemn vow of virginity in the presence of St. Philip Benizi. She was the first to receive from him the habit of the religious called the Mantellates.
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When many noble ladies followed her example, and even her mother gave herself over to her daughter to be instructed in the religious life, Juliana founded the Order of the Mantellate Nuns.
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She excelled in a wonderful humility, a constant zeal for prayer and an amazing abstinence. When her health failed so that she could take and retain no food at all, and was therefore kept from the Eucharistic table, she asked the Priest to place the divine Bread on her breast, since she could not receive it with her mouth. When he did so, the holy Bread disappeared at once, and Juliana, smiling, departed this life.