‘Sin Now Pay Later’ (In Hell Or Purgatory)

Because we are now an instant gratification society, banks and businesses making billions of dollars on us buying on credit what ever our dear hearts desire.  We purchase what we want now and then make many payments later that include the interest on the loan we incurred in purchasing what we had to have now, even if we have to pay for it latter.

1953_CreditCard_96‘Buy now, pay later’

The Catholic Church condemned taking interest on loans to others.  The Old Testament condemns it.  Because Catholics were prohibited from making loans with interest, the Jews became bankers to Catholics and charged interest.  Read Shakespeare’s “The Merchant of Venice” to see how they loaned money and exacted a pound of flesh, from any part of the body, for a pound of gold if they were not paid back.

When Luther rebelled against the Pope and Rome, he allowed the kings and princes, who followed him, to charge interest.

Most interest was charged to businessmen.  Here in the United States, in the early 1920’s the Consumer Credit began the concept of ‘Buy now, pay later’.   This business concept was taken into the stock market where investors would purchase stocks in businesses that needed to raise funds on credit from brokers.  When the stock market started to fall, (September 29, 1929), the brokers wanted there money from the investors, but they were unable to pay their debts and everything crashed, (Black Tuesday, October 29, 1929).

Nevertheless, businesses continued to allow people to purchase things on credit and pay back the cost with interest.  Today we have most people using credit cards.  They purchase what ever they wish, (cars, food, clothing, electronic devises, furniture, jewelry and vacations), and keep on getting deeper and deeper in debt.  The interest on credit cards maxed out are as high as from 29% to 32 % per year.

Banks and businesses make a killing on us spoiled, selfish, want it all now, indulgent generation who want everything everyone else has, right now. (Some of this comes from ignorant people who think it is normal to charge everything and to pay huge interest on their loans later).
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So this immediate gratification has totally made its way into the culture and into the behavior of most Catholics.

  • Supposedly safe sex for instant gratification ends up with people getting sexually transmitted diseases, (like Herpes and AIDs) and unwanted pregnancies.  They quickly pay to have the pre-born baby murdered and pay for it later, with remorse, depression, anxiety, cancer, infertility and sometimes even death from the abortion proceedure.
  • Recreational smoking of marijuana gives instant pleasure that slowly turn into using harder drugs.  This leads to becoming a druggy.  This person then ends up loosing jobs, stealing to get money for more drugs, acting crazy, can possibly even become a prostitute to pay for the habit, loosing family and friends and many times dies from overdoses.
  • Partying with alcohol, getting drunk, can lead to becoming a drunkard who can get a DUI ticket, loose drivers license, huge fines, jail time, cause fights with family and friends.  This often leads to losing work, family, wife and children from being drunk and irresponsible.

These are just a few of the consequences that self indulging, immediate gratification, can cause here in this life.

Now when it comes to ‘sin now and pay later’, the consequences are extremely, (and sometimes eternally), terrible.  And yet I do not see anyone caring.  We will either pay for the sins we commit now in Hell, for all eternity, or, if by some grace of God we really repent and confess, we will pay the penance due for our sins in the pains and flames Purgatory.

Most Catholics I know, (although they know that they are sinning), continue to live in sin with the idea that some day they will stop, by getting married in the Church or, someday before death, stop committing what ever their particular favorite sin is.

E047_PurgatoryThe great truths they are forgetting are;

  • Most people die as they lived.  They get so use to living a sinful life that they do not convert and confess before they die.
  • Every second, minute, hour, day, week, month, year they remain in sin, (if confessed with great remorse and sorrow), will still have to be paid for after in purgatory.
  • They forget that they could die and go to Hell at any instant, before they get the opportunity to confess.  Many people are dying unexpectedly, at this very second, as you read this.

It is for this reason that I am writing about this.  I care about people going and suffering in Purgatory and Hell.  I love myself and I love people.  How could I, if I even have a tiny drop of compassion, not try to save people from suffering the temporary flames of Purgatory or the eternal flames of Hell.  lucifer19Sin now pay later.

We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and to be trying, with God’s grace, to stay as far away from sin as possible.  We live, pray, write blogs and preach so that souls may be saved by Jesus Christ and His Church from eternal damnation