Traditional Catholic Division From Demons And People

Reading about an interview with a satanist, he said that people actually pay to have churches divided and terminated.  He said the devils use gossip and in-fighting.  I would also include immoral sexual behavior and financial exploitation that cause scandal and parishioners to become scandalized and leave the Church.  Louisville 1

Napoleon stated it well, “Divide and conquer”.  The devil and his demons are more intelligent than Napoleon.  We see this happening everywhere in the Catholic Church today.  What is saddest, I would imagine to God and all of us who love Mother Church, is that those who love the Church’s 2000 year old traditions, are also very divided too.

NapoleonBonaparteTraditional Catholics are divided basically into 4 groups.

  1. Catholics who have discovered the 2000 year old teachings of the Catholic faith and the Latin Sacraments, (especially the Latin Mass), and prayers.  These go to the Latin Mass where priests who are canonically in good standing with their diocesan bishop or order who are in union with Rome.
  2. The Society of St. Pius X who have only have the Latin Sacraments and rituals and uphold all the 2000 year old Catholic teachings.  Pope Benedict lifted the excommunication on the 4 bishops Bishop Lefebvre ordained.  But there is still separation from Rome over canonical problems stemming from objections to the changes in Catholic teaching that were introduced into the Church and contained in the Vatican II Council’s documents.
  3. Sedevacantist, which would include The Society Of St. Pius V, (who broke off from the Society of St. Pius X).  This group believe the pope’s chair is vacant, (the word Sedevacantist comes from Sede = chair and Vacantist = vacant).
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     They believe that there has not been a legitimate pope since Pope Pius XII.   They believe that all the popes since then have taught heresies and that automatically excommunicates them and removes them from their office.  It comes from the Catholic teaching that a pope cannot error when it comes to dogma.
  4. Independent priests who were legitimately ordained and have valid sacraments, (but are not associated with either the Societies of St. Pius X or St. Pius V.  Many are Sedevacantist who run small chapels with the Latin Mass and other Latin Sacraments but are totally independent from any Catholic diocese or Society.

There have been divisions in Christianity from the first centuries of the Catholic Church.  Just to mention a few:

  • 321 A D The arianist who did not believe Jesus was equal to the Father.
  • 622 A D The muslims who were iconoclast and polygamist mixing Christianity with Muhammad’s personal revelations.
  • 1054 A D The Orthodox split with Rome over the pope’s supreme authority, (they say he is one amongst equals), and the insertion of the FILIOQUE, (Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father AND THE SON), into Nicene Creed.  The original Creed does not have ‘and the Son’ in it.
  • 1517 A D Luther rebels against the Church because of evil practices and selling of indulgences, (simony).
  • 1521 A D Anabaptist begin their own christianity.
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  • 1536 A D King Henry VIII rebelled against Rome, (for not annulling his valid marriage),  and started his own church of England of which he was the head of.
  • 1536 A D Calvinism began.
  • 1830-40 A D Seven Day Adventist began.
  • 1840 A D Joseph Smith began his church of the Later Day Saints or Mormons.
  • 1853, 1870 A D Old Catholic Church.
  • 1874 A D Charles Russel began his church of the Jehovah Witnesses.
  • 1901 A D Pentecostalism began.

Jean Cousin Ygr_Last Judgment_1585_LouvreThere is so much division in the Catholic Church.  And even worse for Jesus Christ, today there are around 34,000 different Christian groups, (the World Christian Encyclopedia published in 2001) and 1,200 different denomination in the United States alone.

We need to love each other and work for truth based on the Bible and on the 2000 years of Catholic Christian teachings and practices.  Especially the devil is happy to see us traditional Catholics to be fighting and so divided.  And Jesus’ heart and Mary’s heart are bleeding to see so much division in His Mystical Body.

We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics, but we have a grave responsibility to pray and work for unity by means of conversion, beginning in our own souls.