Duties Of Traditional Catholic Father # 4

God needs holy, humble, hard working and honest fathers and husbands.st.-joseph-small

Love of truth. – God is Truth, and He loves and blesses truth only; truth is the constant and faithful homage He demands from man in all his works. Truth will never do man any harm, whereas twisted and half-truths will. At times it may humiliate his pride, contradict the aims of his self-love, and check his passions; but if Truth triumphs in his heart, it will be his glory. Thus, all double-dealing and lying is to be shunned. The man who has self-respect loathes such things; the Christian ought to flee them as vices that are an abomination before God.

The godly husband and father will adopt truth as the unchanging rule of his conduct, even were his pride or his interests to suffer dearly for it. If truth is safeguarded, then his honor is safe and God is glorified. On occasion prudence may call for reserve and discretion in his speech so as not to reveal a matter that is detrimental to justice or to charity, or perhaps only untimely; on the other hand, truth in action must always be the rule of his judgments and of his conscience.

Christ and St. Joseph_Louvre_1645Love of justice. – To respect the rights of all, to act always according to the rule of equity, to do to others what we hold they should do to us, such is the natural and Christian law of justice. We should never defend the cause of falsehood and of iniquity against the just cause of virtue and of truth, even were we to pay for it with the loss of friends and worldly goods. We should never stain our hands with the property of others or with unlawful gains. The honor of integrity and the peace of soul are worth more than all ill-gotten wealth. We should undertake with courage the defense of outraged truth, of violated justice, and oppressed virtue. Such are the duties of a just and righteous man. Such was the rule of conduct of the holy man Job, whom God rewarded by showering him with honors and riches.
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Relations of friendship. A true friend is a priceless treasure; but we must pick him out among thousands, and put him to the test before confiding in him. There is a friendship of honor, which vanishes when humiliation strikes: a friendship of interest, which changes into hostility and reveals the defects of its friends; a friendship of pleasure, which ignores its friends in their hour of need. The friendship of a father should be prudent in its choice and faithful in its affection.
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Prudent in its choice. – A true friend is hard to find; a false friend is dangerous. The Catholic man should, as much as possible, select his faithful friends from among fellow-Catholics. The mutual feeling of their soul, and their oneness of mind and heart in the love of Jesus Christ,  will add to the sweetness and sacredness of that bond.  

Faithful in his affection. – Nothing is so sensitive as the heart of a friend. We must know how to give this “other self” some proofs of trust and esteem, how to defend his reputation as our own; how to further his advantage in a disinterested manner; and how to help him in the hour of adversity. But, above all, we must advise him charitably of his faults, for that is the real proof of friendship. A man must sustain his friend in the practice of virtue; strengthen him in the dangers his soul will face; and lastly bring him Christ-like assistance at deathLast Vision of Fatima

AT FATIMA, the angel, depicted in the vision part of the Third Secret, repeated the request of Our Lady of Lourdes: Penance! Penance! Penance! With this penance performed, the heavenly Queen is depicted in the same vision as putting out the flames of God’s wrath coming upon the world! If Christian husbands and fathers do penance according to their duties of state, they will surely be aided by God’s grace in all their endeavors and receive the protection of the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts against all dangers, as well as help Our Lady in fulfilling the Fatima promises… “In the end, My Immaculate Heart with triumph.”