Duties Of Traditional Catholic Father # 3

Here continues the duties of a traditional Catholic father in regards to encouraging priesthood, religious life and the married life.  It also touches on work ethics.

If the young man is drawn to the sublime vocation of the priesthood and had the necessary qualities, his father has, it is true, the right to try the dispositions of his son, but not the right to oppose himself to the sure marks of a vocation. 3280aPriest offering the Holy Sacrifice of The Mass

God has the first choice, and Christian parents owe to their conscience and to their love for God the homage of what is dearest to them in the world. Pleased with their sacrifice, God will pay them a hundredfold for the immolation of their son who,  belonging henceforth to God, will be the consolation, the glory and happiness of their family. traditional-religious-nunsThis also holds for a daughter called by God to the religious life.

If called to holy matrimony, the wisdom and prudence of parents must guide their children, especially in the choice of their spouse. JP Wedding-130A father should above all exact virtue and religion in the one to be admitted into his family; he should prefer virtue to fortune. A father has a particular solicitude in ensuring that only honorable and virtuous men are permitted to court his daughters.  Although the wisdom of parents should direct their children’s choice of a spouse, Christian prudence however forbids them to impose their choice and to contradict with violence a sensible and virtuous affection. God is the One Who joins Christian hearts together, and brings happiness into a family by His blessing.

His duties as an employer. – A Christian employer should esteem and trust his employees. He should be just and reasonable in his orders, kind and sympathetic to his workmen in their sorrows and illnesses, keeping in mind that they, too, are made in the image of God. A Christian employee should strive to provide the services for which he is employed and paid. Also, a child, even though subject to parental authority, seems to have a right to compensation for extraordinary services rendered to his parents.

 His duties towards society. – In the order willed by Divine Providence, every man has his social duties to perform, whereby he may glorify His Majesty, Jesus Christ, before the world. These duties entail certain obligations: in the functions of his calling; in his relations of business; and in his relations of friendship. God Almighty from the Ghent Altarpiece_EYCK, Jan van

Functions of his calling. – Duties are hierarchically ordered. After acquitting himself of the duties of piety toward God and His Church, a husband and father must then limit himself to the duties owed to his wife and children until some stability has been attained in them. Even if he has the time and the means to help his neighbor, he should nevertheless always subordinate his exterior zeal and his charity to the duties of his state. Duty is a matter of precept, the remainder (e.g., works of mercy) only a matter of counsel. A well-ordered charity begins at home; and enlightened zeal will spend itself first on one’s own family.

Relations in business. – Every man should develop the talent which Divine Providence has entrusted to him, and make his work profitable and fruitful; such is the will of God. The love of truth and justice in all his business dealings must be the unbreakable rule of one who serves His Majesty. 

Love of truth. – God is Truth, and He loves and blesses truth only; truth is the constant and faithful homage He demands from man in all his works. Truth will never do man any harm, whereas twisted and half-truths will. At times it may humiliate his pride, contradict the aims of his self-love, and check his passions; but if Truth triumphs in his heart, it will be his glory. Thus, all double-dealing and lying is to be shunned. The man who has self-respect loathes such things; the Christian ought to flee them as vices that are an abomination before God.