Catholic Deception And Catholic Truth

My friends had a Latin Mass offered in gratitude for the 25 years of their marriage.  IMG_2580At the reception, some ladies were amazed at how different the Latin Mass was in comparison to their Jesuit parish Novus Ordo mass.  One of the ladies never ever wears dresses or skirts.  She was surprised that she was asked to wear a modest dress, (below the knees), and a Veil.  She reluctantly complied, because she was in the anniversary party.  I told her about when I ask my elderly lady friend, (who only wears dresses and never has worn pants), why she does not wear pants.  Her answer is classic: ‘because I am a woman, not a man.’

GolgothaThen came the question on why the Latin Mass and why can there not be Extraordinary Eucharistic Minister, of whom she is one.  She told me that Jesus said that we are to eat His Flesh and Drink His Blood.  I explained that only a priest with consecrated hands was to touch the Body of Christ and the Chalice.  I asked her why the Church had been wrong for these last 1800 years in only giving the Host to people and now she has finally got it correct.  I also told her that Jesus can not be divided, He is alway Jesus, Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity in the Host or in the Blood.  I also told her about the priest who at the fraction of the Host, Jesus’ Blood squirted all over the ceiling and can be see to this very day in Italy.

Then we went on to divorced people living with someone else receiving Holy Communion. Then why should men be the head of a house.  I just said, ‘Read the Bible’.  No matter what the pope says, cardinals say, bishops say, priests say, I believe in Jesus’ words: ‘What God has united, man must not divide’.  One of the women was divorced and agreed that the divorce has hurt her two sons badly.

CFn7p-oW0AEimciJesus says: the House divided can not stand.”   Our Church is divided more and more by different masses, morality and theology.  God, please help your Church.  I know you said Jesus that the gates of hell will not prevail against it, but it sure is in shambles, and those who should be restoring Her, are instead destroying Her.