Traditional Catholic Marriage = 1 Man + 1 Woman

All the protesting for religious freedom and against homosexual ‘marriage’ seems to be of no value.  It is too too too late.  The popes, bishops, priests, religious and laity from the last 60 years failed to stand up to satan’s rule a long time ago.
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 They compromised instead or resisting, protesting and fighting against every government that was not subject to the Kingship of Jesus Christ found in Catholic Church.IMG_4257The organizer of this prayer rally make up this poster and gave it to me to put up at St. Catherine’s church.  He also brought water, incase someone was thirsty.

At Fr. Walker’s Requiem Mass, I was invited by some men from Mater Misericordiae Mission to go and pray with them at the Arizona State Courts Building in support of true marriage.  I almost didn’t go because I have so much to do and I find it useless to go and protest.

IMG_4261But I was so happy I did go.  They prayed the Holy Rosary as had been organized by The American Tradition Family and Property.  I suggested we pray the Holy Rosary kneeling.IMG_4259There are people likes these men and one woman all over the world doing little things for God, Mary and the good of the Church and society.

IMG_4270We got balled out by a guard who came out for taking a picture in front of this Courts Building.  I apologized, but also explained we had no idea it was prohibited.  He calmed down.

We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and to know that God is King and will have His say in the end.  Beware all those who do not obey God’s Laws.
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 There will be a price.