St. Anthony Of Padua June 13

stanthony2St. Anthony came of good and devout parents at Lisbon in Portugal. As a young man, he entered the Institute of Canons Regular, but, fired with the desire for martyrdom, he changed to the Franciscan Order. He was sent to the Saracens, but was forced to return because of ill-health. On the return voyage, strong winds blew the ship off course to Sicily. Anthony was soon given holy orders and took up the work of preaching, in which he aroused so much admiration that he was called to interpret Sacred Scriptures at Bologna and other places. joseph-heintz-the-younger-st-anthony-of-padua-the-miracle-of-the-muleMiracle where a mule knelt before Jesus in the Host, instead of eating straw, after not being fed food for 3 days. St Anthony did this to show protestants that Jesus is truly present in the Catholic Holy Eucharist.

He was put in charge of this brethren’s studies, and was deservedly called the Ark of the Covenant. and Hammer of Heretics. After many travels, he came, a year before his death, to Padua, where left shining memories of his holiness. Famous for both merits and miracles, he fell asleep in the Lord on the 13th day of June in the year of salvation 1231, at the age of thirty-six. He was declared a Doctor of the universal Church by Pope Pius XII.  1960 Roman Breviary