Either The Sacred Heart Of Jesus Rules Or Satan

Here are some exerts from a Letter written by St. Margaret Mary Alacoque to her superior on the Feast of the Sacred Heart June 17, 1689.Sacred Heart 5

In fine, my dear Mother, are we not all consumed in the burning heat of His pure love? It will reign, this amiable Heart, in spite of Satan, his imps and his agents. This word transports me with joy.

By this means He desires to restore life to many; and, by withdrawing them from the way of perdition, and destroying the empire of Satan in their heart, to establish in them that of His love.

He desires, then, it seems to me, to enter with pomp and magnificence into the palaces of kings and princes, therein to be honored as much as He has been despised, humiliated, and outraged in His Passion. May He receive as much pleasure therein at seeing the great ones of the world abasing and humbling themselves before Him as He once felt bitterness at beholding Himself annihilated at their feet!

As soon as we commit a mortal sin, we have let satan into our hearts.  A truly repentant confession kicks him out.
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 But we have to enthrone Jesus there again by obeying Him, loving Him and serving Him from then on.