Traditional Catholic Holy Water, Exorcized And Blessed

As many of you already know, the new blessing for Holy Water in the Catholic Church is to be blunt, lame compared to the traditional blessing.  The traditional blessing begins with the exorcizing the devil out of the salt.  Then exorcizing the devil out of the water, then the exorcized salt is added to the water in the form of a cross, in the name of the Father + and the Son and the Holy Spirit.  Then there is further blessing of the water.  IMG_0269My friend put the water in these beautiful bottles, marked them, before giving the Holy Water to her friends. 

While in Carmel, I exorcised a lot of Holy Water for my friends, so that they can give it to all the sick people who are desperate for God’s help.  It really works when there is a true conversion of life from sin, (confessed and stopped), and the beginning of a new holy life.

The traditional Latin rite blessing is absolutely a much more powerful exorcism and blessing of the Exorcized Salt and Holy Water.