St. Queen Margaret Of Scotland June 10

MargaretofScotlandBrabourneSt. Margaret, of the royal house of England, was born in Hungary and spent her childhood there as an unusually devout and pious girl. When her father was called to high office in his own country by his uncle, St. Edward, King of England, she went to England and then to Scotland. There, upon instructions from her mother, she married King Malcolm III. StMargaretofScotlandAldeburghThe country was blessed by her holy life and by her deeds of charity for the next thirty years.
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The austerity of her life was exceedingly great, and her charity towards her neighbour most ardent and zealous, especially for those in need, for whom she not infrequently exhausted the treasury. At length, having most patiently endured bitter sorrows and long illness, she rendered her soul to God on the 16th day of November. At the moment of her death her features, emaciated and pale, bloomed again with unusual beauty.
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On the authority of Clement X she was chosen Patroness of Scotland, and is honoured with great devotion throughout the world. 1960 Roman Breviary